Toughen Up Your Financial Institution’s Cybersecurity With Localisation Services

Toughen Up Your Financial Institution’s Cybersecurity

With Localisation Services

As the one at the helm of your financial institution, you must take cyber threat seriously as numbers show that these attacks will cause around 6 trillion USD in damages this year and potentially reaching 10.5 trillion USD by 2025. You must mitigate attacks in the various regions you serve because your industry is the most susceptible. Besides, finance and banking enterprises handle sensitive customer information and engage in tons of online transactions, so amplifying protection assures all of these are not compromised.

Apart from seeking assistance from tech companies who safeguard systems and data, you need localisation service and assistance from a team like elionetwork. We are known for exemplary work in financial document translation, but we can parlay this expertise by helping your cybersecurity team. With the right help, you can maximise the advice of the cybersecurity professionals you hire because their advice does not get lost in translation. Covering all areas ensures you get the best defence against a potential data breach or a massive system attack that can make your institution crumble.

Cybersecurity Localisation in Finance sector

How Localisation Helps Your Company

The world is now a global village thanks to internet connectivity. The downside of this is language and cultural traditions could serve as barriers that deter your team from recognising a prospective cyber-attack on your company. How can they pinpoint something as a threat if they cannot understand it in the first place?

With the help of a localisation agency, you can strengthen your business security and minimise risks. Contrary to popular belief, this type of agency does not only provide banking translations services. In fact, they can do so much more for your financial institution than assuring translated text is precise and accurate.

A localisation firm can help you conduct successful multilingual training sessions using translated and localised products from your chosen cybersecurity companies. This will certainly deter potential threat as all the translated documents become readily understandable for everyone. Doing this extra step of translating training materials assure that everyone in your team is on the same page.

How Localisation Helps Your Company

What Can Be Done To Optimise Security

Whether you’re a large conglomerate or a small-scale financial enterprise, you want to prove your authority and credibility. Since your clients entrust you with their hard-earned money, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. All it takes is one error to break that hard-won trust. Apart from dispensing high-quality translations of statements, contracts, of brochures in numerous languages to your various customers, you must also make sure that your own team understands in-house documents. This includes the cybersecurity training manuals and protocols of your company.

Since your financial institution conducts transactions world-wide, you need translation services at your disposal. Aside from localising training manuals, you need to orient your team about potential threats in different languages as these attacks come from various parts of the world. Seeking the help of a localisation company is definitely a crucial step towards preventing attacks and preserving your reputation as a rock-solid brand. Here’s what can be done to ensure that everything recommended by your company’s cybersecurity personnel is handled accordingly:

1. Promote Understanding With No Language Barriers

Your localisation partner provides financial translation services by providing high-quality localised documents, financial statements, contracts, etc with all the correct terminologies. The localisation team will also provide translated security product training sessions in all the regions that your business serves. You can rest assured that the materials will never compromise the regulatory requirements in the documents as the team of linguists will come up with accurate translations. This approach assures that everyone in your team is on board. With the help of the right people, language barriers can no longer interfere because your team will know what to expect. When they fully comprehend the steps and understand what to watch out for, they will not fall prey to hackers and other cybercriminals.

Promote Understanding With No Language Barriers

2. Assure Ease of Use

The team assigned to you by your localisation agency will ensure that your user interface can be readily understood by your local clients in their own language. If the user cannot understand the words or symbols used to expound on a specific product, he will be unable to thwart an impending cyber attack. Comprehension matters when users must take specific actions in something as sensitive as using a cybersecurity system effectively. 

3. Serve Many Different Regions

Financial institutions serve different countries, while catering to locals, immigrants, and visitors (as international travel is popular). Thus, it is vital to seek localisation assistance which assures that your team members can cater to a global market. Access to the right materials mean they can explain financial products and instruments while minimizing risks such as identity theft and phishing. Localisation helps your finance organisation by empowering your team with knowledge to deter threats.

For instance, seeking insurance translation services with a reputable localisation agency that has a proven track record with the insurance industry assures your team has accurate documents. Furthermore, with the help of a linguist that’s bound by a non-disclosure agreement, you will avoid data breaches. Since your financial organization works with highly sensitive data, collaborating with the right localisation partner is paramount so avoid cyber threats and minimize facing regulatory penalties.

Different Regions

4. Inspire Confidence and Trust

Working with a translation services team to create cybersecurity training materials and documentation must be prioritised. Proper translation and localisation are critical because even one simple mistake in a specific word or cultural aspect can have a tremendous impact on a client. When this happens, it can reduce customer confidence in your brand. By using a high-quality translation service, your enterprise can mitigate language issues and inspire higher esteem for your business. It can help promote your credibility and authority in your industry. Remember, your clients will only patronise your brand if they know you are a brand they can trust.

Inspire Confidence and Trust

Do You Want To Work With An Excellent Team

Finding the best translation and localisation team is crucial to the success of your financial institution. A company like ours, elionetwork, is known for bridging linguistic and cultural gaps between multinational banks, insurance companies, lenders, other finance companies, and local clients. Today, even small financial companies can be global and serve foreign clients thanks to the internet. However, with this advantage, you also open your doors to more cyber threat.

For this reason, partnering up with a reputable cybersecurity team, along with a localisation partner with a thorough understanding of the local culture and linguistic nuances across all nations, means you have access to expert solutions tailor-fit to nurture your business as it grows on an international scale. With a team of experts in technical and fintech localisations, along with access to state-of-the-art systems, you are guaranteed to maintain the accuracy and consistency of all your products in various regions and across all platforms. Most important, you will feel confident that all the sensitive materials will be handled with stringent confidentiality, following strict privacy protocols.

Remember, speaking to your clients in their native language will do wonders in helping your company survive and thrive in this world full of fierce competitors. On top of that, equipping your team with localised cybersecurity materials will assure they understand all the safety protocols of your company. If you need help with localisation, give our elionetwork customer support team a call for more information. We offer a free trial and quotation package so you can get a glimpse of what value we provide.