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When communicating in a language, it’s important to go beyond your knowledge of the language’s dictionary – and dive into the locals’ urban dictionary as well. Catchphrases such as “put a plug in it”, for example, could have vastly different meanings depending on which part of the world you’re saying the phrase in.

Proficient in over 55 languages

This is where our expertise in languages is highlighted. Our professional translators can translate, interpret, speak and write in over 55 languages from across the globe. This is because our team comprises of native speakers who understand the language they specialise in at a deep level. This includes a strong understanding of how the language is used in various countries – so your translations will be localised with exceptional accuracy.

Expertise across industries

We also have expertise in a wide variety of industries, from advertising to legal, the financial industry and others. So your audiences will have confidence in the materials and documents they receive with your logo and brand name on it.

Popular languages

These are the most commonly-requested language translations we receive. Need a translation done in a language that isn’t listed below? Contact us, we can probably help.

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elionetwork offers these services in 55 languages:

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