As the internet and enhanced connectivity bring people closer together, the education sector has also grown from a traditionally local industry into a truly international endeavour.

Educational institutes are connecting with students from across the globe – attracting international students to local shores, while simultaneously pushing educational courses into students’ home (and into their home countries) via distant learning programmes.

To engage with an international audience, schools and universities need to reach audiences in their local languages. This requires high quality translations of marketing and promotional materials, as well as incredibly accurate localisations of course materials, learning portals and more.

Translations for the education industry

At elionetwork, we have a team of academically-trained translators that includes former teachers and other professionals who are well-versed in the education industry. We understand the demands and expectations of modern parents and their children, and will help you deliver on these expectations.

Our team works with:

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Institutes and universities
  • E-learning platforms
Commonly translated items in the education sector

We help educational institutes translate and localise:

  • Learning materials (physical and digital)
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Communications (between the school and students/parents)
  • Forms and documents
  • Web-based applications
  • Web-based product training manuals
  • Self-paced certification program
  • Training manuals
  • Presentation slides
  • Service/product posters
  • Service/product brochure

Our team also offers additional services for organisations in the education industry. These include:

Transcreation | Interpretation | DTP | Multimedia | Creative Services

These are our supported languages for institutes in the field of education.




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