Multimedia Content For Multiple Markets

In today’s highly-connected, always online world, multimedia plays a crucial role in building brands, promoting services and selling products. Beyond marketing, videos and animation are also used extensively in corporate events, presentations and training materials.

• Corporate videos
• Television commercials
• Online videos and films (for websites, social media, etc.)
• Training materials

Our team of directors, video editors, copywriters and designers have the expertise to handle all aspects of multimedia production. We also have the capabilities and technology to produce standout projects that include 3D modelling, whiteboard, vector and infographic animations. You can take your multimedia content to multiple markets, as we take care of all localisation work.

Localise multimedia content or replace poor quality voicework with high quality voiceovers and dubbing work – done by professionals who understand the importance of good voicework in videos.

Voiceovers are ideal for narration and other types of videos where content is more important than the actual delivery of the spoken words. If your video’s spoken words need to match the movement of an on-screen actor’s lips, dubbing will be suitable for your project.

Enhance and localise your videos with our professional voiceover and dubbing services from elionetwork.

The fastest and most cost-effective solution for sharing your video content with global audiences, is to simply include subtitles with your content. This way, viewers everywhere can enjoy your videos in their original language, while fully comprehending your content.

Our translation team has the expertise to not only translate, but localise subtitles so nuances in language and context are translated perfectly for local audiences. Our video editors will also ensure that your subtitles are placed accurately in your videos. Let us help you reach more viewers, prospects and customers with subtitled videos.

Convert video and audio files into text documents that can be used as reference notes, interview transcripts, etc.

Our professional transcription services can help you to transcribe any media file into text with accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. What’s more, we perform quality checks on every transcript – so you can be assured of accurate transcriptions of videos, interviews, presentations and more.

Let us know which style of transcription works best for your upcoming project – a word-for-word transcription or
edited transcription.