Importance of Technical Material Localisation

Importance of Technical Material Localisation

In today’s rapidly advancing business world, manufacturers need to leverage globalisation to increase their market share. However, you need to understand that to attain success on a global scale, you need to think local. This will call for you to enlist the services of a technical material localisation company to ensure that you have locale-specific content.

In this article, we will look at what is technical material localisation, its importance, and how to pick the right localisation expert for your manufacturing business.

Technical Material Localisation

What is Technical Material Localisation?

In comparison to other types of translation, technical translation is highly specialised. Ranging from science, manufacturing, detailed medical datasheets, software or engineering, and beyond, technical translation is more than just translating specialist language and key terminologies accurately.

A professional technical document localisation expert needs to:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing industry and preferably have worked in the industry
  • Understand your preferred vocabulary and terminology
  • Be an expert in the culture of the target region and language, communicating the translated text in a natural and culturally appropriate way

Any global manufacturing company should focus more on developing international production and distribution channel with manufacturing centres near their markets. Many languages, English included might seem similar, but there are slight variances.

For example, if you are a UK-based manufacturing company looking to expand into Australia, you need to work with a translator that understands the variances in the spoken and written English of both regions.

elionetwork will help you establish a presence in regions that show a high growth potential as well as a significant influence in the surrounding areas. However, this will require that you strike a balance between centralised quality assurance and local execution.

We offer turnkey localisation solutions for a wide range of materials including but not limited to:

  • Training materials
  • Product specifications and training materials
  • Labels and packaging
  • Health and safety assets
  • Global technical support manuals
  • Service and maintenance manuals and more

If your technical materials are to be considered user-friendly in the new market, they must meet certain criteria including:

  • They must be written in a simple language
  • Must make consistent use of specialist terms
  • Must have a clear and meaningful structure

Must be directed to the target audience

What is Technical Material Localisation?

Benefits of High-Quality Technical Translators

As we have outlined, it takes more than just translating your technical documents into the spoken and written language of your desired region. You will need to integrate your materials into how the people speak including all the cultural nuances. These are some of the benefits of using professional technical translators:

Consistency in Technical Translation

Technical translation differs from general translation work in that there needs to be consistent terminology. This ensures that the users have no difficulty in understanding the instructions. For example, it would confuse the user if the technical support manuals refer to the main switch and the I/O switch on the user manual. This will give the impression that they are two separate operation elements.

A professional technical translator will draw your attention to the inconsistency and help you correct it. However, while it might be tempting to use automated translation software, it will not pick on the inconsistencies.

Guaranteed Clarity

The manufacturing sector has a set of terminologies that must be included in the technical materials. This will avoid ambiguity, and ensure clarity in the final copy. A professional will ensure to use terminology management tools that will ensure that the terms used in the localised documents are relevant and unambiguous.

Moreover, the use of terminology tools ensures that the translator uses the correct terminology without mixing them up. Since the translator records and manages the terms, they can make them available to you upon request.

In this light, the translator needs to show evidence of leveraging technology in their service delivery. Technology can make complex tasks simpler and this will expedite the time it takes to get the work done.

Benefits of High-Quality Technical Translators

Tips on Hiring a Technical Translation

The best way to ensure that you are getting the best out of your technical translator is for them to give you a sample translation for your review. This will allow you to ascertain whether they have the knowledge of the language as well as industry practices at the level you require.

This will also enlighten you on how they approach their technical translation tasks. In the process, you will identify potential unprofessional behaviours that will help you avoid committing to a long-term and expensive contract.

The following tips will help make your manufacturing content translation process as efficient as possible.

  • Do your due diligence by hiring natives in the areas that you want to expand
  • Take your time when hiring a translation service
  • Understand the cultural colloquialisms in the intended expansion region
  • Share your vision and mission with the translation service provider
  • Form focus groups in your intended region and share several drafts of the manufacturing content

However, choosing a professional translation service provider is crucial in maintaining the efficiency of the translation process.

Tips on Hiring a Technical Translation


Technical translation for the manufacturing sector differs from general translation where the person taking the job merely relays the message in the language of the new market. Professional technical translators offer localisation solutions by ensuring that they maintain the context of the message in the most precise manner.

It could be tempting to go with a cheaper translator to free up resources for other parts of the globalisation project. However, low prices could be indicative of a lower quality translation service. There is an exponentially long list of translators waiting for your call and this is where you need to take them through the paces. 

elionetwork has an expanding network of professional translators in all five continents. This team includes native linguists who interact with the consumers and manufacturing players in their respective regions. This makes us the best option when thinking local to gain global success. 

Contact us today for professional technical translation services. Our customer care representatives will give you a free and non-obligatory quote for your perusal.