Speak Your Language

Interpretation services are essential for live events, conferences and meetings with international audiences in attendance (and for organisers who wish to attract international participants to their events or meetings). Live interpretation enables audiences of various nationalities to appreciate the content being shared by speakers at conferences and seminars. As an event planner, all you need are skilled interpreters and the equipment to host an event or meeting with live interpretation.

Our team of interpreters are experts in a variety of APAC and European languages (more than 55, including English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Dutch, German, Arabic, Spanish, and others) and are capable of delivering both consecutive and simultaneous interpretations.

A straightforward form of interpretation, where the interpreter begins speaking after the speaker pauses. The speaker continues pausing until the interpreter completes the interpretation. This turn-taking process continues throughout the entire consecutive interpretation process.

An advanced form of interpretation that sees the interpreter translating a speaker’s words in real-time, even as the speaker is still speaking. The speaker continues speaking naturally and continuously, unimpeded by the fact that an interpreter is around. There is usually only a very small delay between the speaker’s actual words being spoken and the interpreter’s translation into a native language.

Both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation require some form of interpretation equipment, although the requirements for simultaneous interpretation are higher. Don’t worry if you don’t have the necessary equipment, we can rent all the interpretation equipment you need for an affordable fee or bundle it into our interpretation packages.