In legal circles, accuracy is of utmost importance. One misrepresented word, omitted comma (or an additional one), or any one of a dozen other missed details could change the intent of a legal document/contract – which could result in expensive problems for you and your clients.

These issues can get compounded when you dive into the deep waters of the legal industry – where your work is a crucial piece of a puzzle in everything from assessing cross-border disputes, to investigating potential frauds, checking for neglect and lack of due diligence, as well as thousands of other civil, corporate or criminal cases.

Incredibly Accurate Translations For The Legal Field

With elionetwork, you can have confidence in the quality of your legal translations. Each of our legal translators is legal-trained and certified, with educational and professional backgrounds in the legal field.

As a legal translation company, we provide “best practice” legal translations – highlighted by our 2-step quality assurance process that demands all legal translations are checked twice before they arrive in your inbox or mailbox. This ensures that the translations you receive are true and accurate representations of the source content.

Commonly Translated Documents For Legal Firms

You can approach us for these translation and localisation requests:

Certified Translations For Legal Documents

Ensure that your legal translations are of the very highest quality with our certified translation service. Every certified translation assignment is handled by our most senior and qualified translators, then sent through multiple levels of approvals before being sent to you – along with elionetwork’s official certification. This assures that your legal translations are accurate and representative of their source materials.

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