At elionetwork, we recognise that each of our clients is a deeply developed brand, born through the “blood, sweat and tears” of many individuals. Behind each brand is a group of dedicated people and, for them, it’s personal.

For us, it’s personal too.

That’s why we make it a priority to carefully develop tailor-designed localisation solutions for each of our clients. We believe in treating our clients as all clients should be treated: uniquely and individually.

We believe it is largely this aspect of our business practices, alongside our quality of services and expertise, which has won the loyalty of more than 95 percent of our clients even through economic ups and downs.

We make it our job to know and understand our clients, and we enjoy exceeding their expectations.

Our proven eFast methodology results in solutions tailored to your needs – on time, every time. eFast provides the necessary structure and flexibility that helps share best practices, knowledge and skills leveraged upon individual and team experiences. Our professional resources & state-of-the-art technology are incorporated into our production workflow together with our stringent Quality Assurance and performance measurement processes for continuous improvement.

>>   Single point of contact

An experienced project manager is designated as the single point of contact. This minimizes coordination efforts and communication costs while ensuring consistent project execution and status updates.

>>   Customised production workflow

The designated project manager, upon inspection of the project specifications, assembles an experienced team and deploys the necessary technology to complement human linguistic and technical expertise.
A customised production workflow is then created with stringent quality assurance procedures designed specifically to meet the challenges of your project.

>>   Best practices and technology management

Our investment in language tools and technology ensures efficient project execution, enhances our quality assurance process and matches your technology requirements. You can be assured that we constantly upgrade our technical, industry and product knowledge – remaining on the cutting edge of globalisation.

>>   Technical, product and industry knowledge recycling

The same team proceeds with ongoing maintenance of the localised product – harnessing product and industry knowledge to facilitate future releases ensuring that the wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented each time.

We combine human linguists with Computer-Assisted-Translation tools (CAT tools) to successfully deliver consistent, accurate and fluent translations that are timely and cost-effective.

  • Terminology Database – improves consistency in translated terminologies and ensures consistency in translation
  • Translation Memory Database – enhances consistency in translated strings and increases translation speed
  • Network Capability – enables a team of translators assigned to the same project to utilise the same translation memory
  • Cost-effectiveness – clients can achieve significant savings when CAT tools discover repetitions in source texts
  • Time-effectiveness – CAT tools help linguists work on documents faster and tremendously reduce turnaround time

elionetwork’s native linguists are expert users of state-of-the-art CAT tools, creating huge benefits to our worldwide clients.

It is very important to understand that CAT tools are absolutely NOT the same as machine translation.

With an expert team of in-country linguists specialising in more than 55 Asian and European languages, we deliver culturally-sensitive, accurate and up-to-date linguistically appropriate translations. Through our cutting-edge localisation services we let you stay ahead of competition in your quest for globalisation.

Through our expert transcreation services, we adapt your messages from one language to many others while maintaining your intent, style, tone and context. This ensures your transcreated messages will carry the same implications and emotions of the source language in the new target languages.

We help layout your localised content into different foreign language electronic files ensuring accurate and aesthetic placement. With many years of experience in DTP, we understand the complexities involved in the process to deliver quality end-product customised to diverse local markets.

From TVC commercials, case studies and corporate videos to online films, IVR recordings and training materials, we cover all facets of audio & video production and localisation to provide you a one-stop solution for all your multimedia needs.

Our specialist team of interpreters is well-versed in a wide variety of APAC and European languages. We specialise in both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation with extensive experience in major live events across many different industries.