Subtitle Translation For Absolute Beginners

Subtitle Translation

For Absolute Beginners

Subtitling is probably one of the keywords in today’s multimedia industry. Let’s discover how subtitles are made and how you can provide impressive subtitle translation.

Subtitle Translation

What is Subtitling?

Subtitling is a multimedia translation service that usually focuses on transcribing and translating the dialogues of multimedia formats such as TV programs, TV series, documentaries, and feature or short films. With the blooming of digital mediums and the internet, the demand for subtitle translations keeps rising all over the world for advertising, training, and entertaining.

What is a standard subtitling process?

Subtitling is a three-step process: preparation, transmission, and distribution. Subtitling is first started with transcription to converse the voice to the text that is more friendly for translation. The text is then translated into the local language and localised to local culture and context. After that, the text is embedded in the footage according to the voice. Finally, the subtitled file is exported to a user-friendly file and ready for distribution.

Standard subtitling process

Software Used in Subtitling

There are several subtitling software you can use for subtitling. They are updated and improved over time in response to advanced technology. Here are some suggestions from us:

  • Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor
  • Subtitle Edit
  • Jubler Subtitle Editor
  • Subtitle Workshop
  • Gaupol Subtitle Editor

How to provide high-quality subtitles?


The synchronisation is one of the keywords in the subtitling industry and the first thing to consider whether a subtitle is a high quality. The synchronisation is the harmony of dialogue and subtitle. In simple terms, synchronisation happens when dialogue heard on the screen and its subtitles are in sync and appear at the same time on the screen.


Multimedia localisation is key

As a rule of thumb, when you want to communicate with another person in their language, you need to understand their culture. This principle is also applied to subtitling. However, due to the lingual and cultural differences of expressions between the source language and the target language, the length of the translated sentence may be longer or shorter than the original dialogue. As a result, attention should be paid on the reading time of the subtitle on the screen to consider these differences. Subtitling software options can assist for subtitle translators.

Which Criteria Are Used when Determining Subtitling Prices?

When determining subtitling prices, you should consider many different factors according to the content, to the adopted country, and the localisation services. Criteria to calculate prices include the language of the text to be translated, the target language, the number of words, how much time the translation will take, and the level of urgency. Therefore, to get the best out of your budget, it is important to determine your objectives and target audiences first.

Which Criteria Are Used when Determining Subtitling Prices?

How to get the best out of your subtitles

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