When you need translations done speedily and on a budget, our machine translations can get the job done – effectively and efficiently. Powered by our intelligent machine translation technology, our AI can prepare translated documents from text, audio and video files at rapid speeds and with a good degree of accuracy. To ensure your final product reads fluently, we recommend pairing our machine translation service with an editor who can add the final touches to your machine-translated documents.

Machine translations are ideal when you need translations that are:

Completed Quickly
Because the intelligence that drives our machine translations doesn’t need to eat or sleep, your translations can be completed at record speeds – in hours instead of days, or days instead of weeks.

Machine translations are the most affordable of all our translation options, and are ideal for assignments and projects with tight budgets.

Fairly Accurate
Machine translations aren’t as accurate as human translations, but still retain a good degree of accuracy and are suitable for translations that don’t require absolute accuracy.