Quality Asian Language Localisation Services For The Manufacturing Industry

Quality Asian Language Localisation Services

For The Manufacturing Industry

To the manufacturing sector, Asia is of utmost importance both as a production location and as a sales market. In their interactions with Asia, manufacturers constantly require reliable localisation service agencies. However, despite the economic importance of Asia, many such agencies are not sufficiently experienced with translations from and to Asian languages, which puts the success of their clients’ business activities at risk. This article will illustrate why experience is so important and what manufacturers should keep in mind when they select a localisation service provider for their operations in Asia.

Asian Language Localisation Services For The Manufacturing Industry

Production in Asia

Asia has proven to be an ideal production base for countless international manufacturers. China has clearly been number one for a long time, but also other nations have a long-standing tradition in manufacturing, such as Japan and South Korea. At the same time, countries including India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia, all constantly kick off new investment incentives with marvellous business conditions, and have therefore become the preferred destination for FDI among many corporations.

All of these nations have their own languages, and to successfully set up and operate production sites, manufacturers require reliable translation services (click here to find out more). Clearly, the translation needs of the manufacturing sector are very diverse and that is why manufacturers must use translation agencies with sufficient resources for each language in various specialised areas, such as legal translations for FDI, translations of complex engineering documents, etc.

Asia as a market

Though Asia is such an incredibly important location for investors to set up factories, the continent is equally meaningful as a market where manufacturers sell their products. With its massive population, ever-growing purchasing power and strong local interest in international brands, Asia offers unparalleled and ever-growing opportunities for manufacturers to look for new consumers.

Quality localisation services are indispensable for manufacturers that aim to penetrate Asian markets successfully. What manufacturing businesses need from localisation agencies is not only outstanding linguistic expertise, but also deep cultural insights – an absolutely critical success factor in Asia (please click here to learn more). It has been demonstrated over and over again that translations for PR and advertising and localised websites for Asian markets that really “do the trick” among target audiences, are typically the work of linguists who truly understand cultural differences.

Superior services for Asian languages

Asian languages pose challenges that many translation agencies outside Asia are simply not used to. For example, when translating between Asian and European languages, linguists need to read between the lines, express concepts that have no clear equivalents in target languages, understand various levels of politeness, etc. Particularly when it comes to translation services for languages of the ASEAN countries, such as Lao, Khmer, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Malay or Indonesian, many agencies outside Asia have virtually no experience at all.

Superior services for Asian languages

Agencies that routinely handle Asian languages do not only guarantee high-quality translations and a smooth customer experience, but can also offer add-on services that consider the intricacies of Asian languages and cultures. For example, they can provide specialised copywriting for Asian markets or integrated desktop publishing (DTP) solutions from professionals with experience in handling Chinese, Japanese, Korean or other languages written in non-Latin scripts. Such services are often indispensable for translations of marketing collateral, product usage instructions, product labels, etc.

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