Do you have customers and prospects in Thailand? Then you’ll need an excellent grasp on Thai, the official language spoken in Thailand. There are 20 million native Thai speakers in Thailand, and a total of 40 million people who converse in Thai across the world. Because of these growing numbers, Thai is becoming an increasingly important global language with translations in the business, legal and medical fields becoming more frequently requested.

Why You Need Professional Thai Translators
Similar to other Asian languages, Thai is a tonal language – where a word’s tone is as important to its meaning as its pronunciation. Whether you’re speaking or listening to Thai (for example, if you’re transcribing a speech or interview in Thai), you will need to identify these minute differences in a heartbeat – or risk misunderstanding what’s being said.

Thai Translations By Native Thais, For Native Thais
At elionetwork, our translators are native Thai speakers with experience in translating, interpreting, writing and producing content for various industries in Thailand (and other countries where Thai is used). We understand the details that make up the Thai language – from the intonations in spoken Thai to the way the language is commonly used in written and spoken forms – and we are well-versed in industry-specific terminology.

Our team has strong expertise in translating business, legal and personal documents to and from Thai. We also ensure accurate localisation is provided so your translated text retains the context of the source document.

That’s why we are confident in our expertise in Thai translations, and our ability to deliver incredibly accurate translations for your business.

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