The Portuguese language has a rich history behind it. Historians say the language was evolved from Latin and introduced to Portugal in 200 BCE, before being declared as the country’s official language in 1290.

Since then, the language has spread across the world and is widely used in Brazil and parts of Africa. Today, there are over 200 million people around the world who speak Portuguese as their native language – placing it among the top 10 most commonly spoken languages globally.

The Complexities Of Portuguese Translations
Portuguese is by no means an easy language to learn or translate, which is why expert translators are a must for all Portuguese translations.

Among other complexities, every verb tense in Portuguese has six unique forms. The language as a whole has limitless conjugations, which introduces many difficulties for less skilled translators.

Native Portuguese Translators
At elionetwork, we only use Portuguese translators who are native speakers of the language. Our translators understand the language and culture of Portuguese nations, so you can be confident that the translations you receive from us, will carry both the actual meaning and context of your original materials.

This is essential when translating business and personal documents, especially legal forms, documents and contracts, where zero mistakes are accepted.

Make sure your Portuguese translations are done with a high level of accuracy, every time, by placing your translation work in the hands of Portuguese language professionals.

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