Website localisation – one step to globalisation

In today’s business world, companies all over the globe are accelerating their activities in foreign markets. In this scenario, businesses that understand the value of website localisation can appeal to markets far beyond their homeland borders. Different from translation, localisation comprises of a comprehensive study of the target market to correctly adapt the website to local needs. By speaking the local language with in-depth cultural understanding, businesses can develop a worldwide customer base and build relationships with increasingly diverse audiences.

Website localisation

Website localisation crosses language and culture barriers

Website localisation breaks cultural and linguistic barriers and opens doors to foreign markets. As 32% of internet users around the world are non-native English speakers, English is no longer the only dominant language. Users are more comfortable with the user experience in their preferred languages and culture. The localisation process considers not only whether language is translated properly but also whether the cultural variations in terminology, phrases, metaphors, and sayings are taken into consideration. Symbols, graphics, pictures, colours, and general layout are also viewed for their cultural applicability. Website localisation adapts the content of businesses’ websites to be relevant to the cultural context which demonstrates their understanding and respect towards the local values. Such consideration provides a comfortable and native experience for foreign audiences, thus, enhances the chance to win potential consumers across the border.

Website localisation scales up business revenue

Website localisation is a simple yet cost-effective tactic to increase business revenue. Instead of raising prices, or reducing profit margins, businesses can achieve long-term and positive results by expanding their customer base through a localised website. With the language barrier removed, website localisation opens a large customer base around the world. As more than 45% of the world population uses the internet, more companies either have or plan for a website localisation marketing strategy already in place. Businesses can increase their income by following effective localisation of specific areas of the website such as:

  • Service solution pages
  • Landing pages
  • Public relations and news pages
  • Events pages
  • Marketing articles or blogs
  • Content from the users of the website (comments, feedback, testimonials, etc)

Website localisation boosts business’ online presence through SEO

Website localisationexposes the business towards a new traffic stream of users through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In this digital age, customers rely on search engines to search for answers to trivial questions and look for services that are tailored to their needs. As search engines work accordingly to the keyword, localising a website into a new language enables a business to add a whole new set of keyword combinations. As a result, localising your website allows potential customers to find businesses via a search engine through relevant search queries made in their native language.

Additionally, localising your website improves the position of websites on search engines by reducing bounce rate, increasing average session duration, and adding backlinks organically. The localised website allows speakers of other languages to find the website, read it, like it, share it, and create backlinks to it. Therefore, website localisation boosts a website’s SEO not only for the new language the website was localised into but also for the existing source language.


Website localisation at your doorstep

Website localisation is a huge investment and should not be considered as a straightforward process. When localising a website, it is required to get the expertise of both a website designer and a cross-cultural communications consultancy. This helps to ensure your site has maximum impact on the target audience.

At elionetwork, we have a team of native-speaking translators, website designers and experts in website localisation. Our team provides excellent holistic services for website localisation including multilingual SEO, translation, and multilingual desktop publishing services. We help you to save significant cost and ensure high quality to lead your website localisation campaigns. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our services can help your business expand globally.