Translation And DTP Services For Marketing Collateral

Translation And DTP Services

For Marketing Collateral

Businesses need quality translation services for their marketing collateral to succeed in foreign markets. However, there are cases in which document translation services alone are not enough, and desktop publishing (DTP) services will be required in addition to translation. Today we will look into some basics of marketing document translation and DTP, and explain why quality is key.

Translation And DTP Services For Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral Translation

There are many types of marketing documents for which translation services are required, including (among others):

– Brochures

– Flyers

– Press releases

– Presentations

– Mailings

– Social media posts

– Adds (print, online, outdoor, etc.)

It is important to understand that PR, advertising and marketing translation is a specialised field and not every translator can do it well. A good marketing translator does not only translate the actual content of a text, but must also convey the corporate identity, use the right tone and be able to see the translation from the perspective of the target audience. This requires creativity, deep customer insights, a high degree of eloquence and a talent of attracting and convincing audiences through captivating language.

Marketing Collateral Translation

Translation Or Transcreation?

Due to the nature of marketing texts and the way they work, businesses often consider transcreation as an alternative to document translation (learn about the differences here). If you are not sure which option is better for your texts, a professional localization service provider will be able to advise you.

Translation Or Transcreation

DTP For Marketing Document Translations

Creative design and desktop publishing can awaken dull, plain text to live. Skilfully crafted and aesthetically positioned illustrations, carefully chosen colours, text fonts, etc. arranged in an appealing layout will let your marketing collateral shine. In many cases, professional DTP does not only enhance a translation, but is even indispensable (see here for details).

High-Visibility: A Double-Edged Sword

High visibility is key in most marketing strategies and companies naturally try to reach large numbers of potential clients with their marketing collateral. This high visibility can be a chance, but also a risk, for example, when the content of marketing collateral is wrongly translated or misleading – and when such content is in foreign languages, many businesses will never even be aware that the translations of their marketing documents are wrong.

A low-quality translation can easily ruin an expensive marketing campaign: Thousands or even millions of people will see a poor translation and suddenly the high visibility will do damage to the business that runs the campaign – and the same is true for poorly done DTP. For example, wrongly placed line breaks or issues with foreign language fonts can easily make marketing collateral look unprofessional. Such problems frequently occur when businesses do not order translation and DTP from the same service provider (find out here why it is important to order document translation and DTP from a one-stop service agency).

There are also cases in which it is necessary to adjust marketing collateral and campaigns to local cultural norms through DTP localisation. For example, certain images might stir undesirable associations in other countries, and DTP artists should replace them with suitable alternatives. It is highly recommendable to run a check for culturally sensitive issues to make sure that your marketing collateral conveys nothing that might be detrimental to success.


A Reliable One-Stop-Service Agency – Quality Assurance For Your Business

As illustrated above, though high visibility of marketing collateral is desirable and essential, it will also expose any linguistic or DTP-related problems to large audiences and can instantly damage the reputation of your business in international markets. That is why you should only choose high-quality document translation service providers with desktop publishing under the same roof to prepare marketing collateral for international audiences.

A Reliable One-Stop-Service Agency

elionetwork is a Singapore-based one-stop-service company for all your translation and DTP needs. Many of our linguists specialise in marketing & PR, and do not only offer translation, but also transcreation services. We handle document translation, proofreading, editing and DTP all under one roof so that you will receive turnkey documents that will help your global marketing and PR activities succeed. Contact us now for a free quote or to find out more!