Rethink Your Strategy: Copywriting And The New Normal

Rethink Your Strategy

Copywriting And The New Normal

It is no doubt that the world is in one of the biggest crises in history. The marketing industry, with no exception, has been challenged on a massive scale. As a result of the worldwide lockdown, marketers need to rethink their marketing strategy and they can no longer rely on the physical presence of the brand. Retail and out-of-home marketing are completely replaced by online platforms with heavy reliance on content marketing and copywriting. This article discusses the importance of copywriting in “the new normal” and how you can leverage “the new normal” to deliver business advantages through copywriting.

Copywriting and the new normal

“The new normal” for businesses

Every business is struggling due to the massive influence of COVID-19. The world has changed dramatically in a matter of weeks. Physical shopping is limited under lockdown. More safety and hygiene standards and requirements are reinforced. Therefore, businesses are forced to think creatively and adaptively to the current situation.

Firstly, businesses need to retarget new customers and change their offerings accordingly. For instance, as geographical stores become less visible, local businesses have to move to online outlets and discover global markets. Secondly, challenges come with opportunities. In this chaos, there are new opportunities that have not ever been there. Businesses can come up with new products and services to capture these one-in-a-life-time opportunities. For example, online grocery shopping is becoming the new necessity and in some countries, it has replaced physical supermarkets.

Online shopping

Challenges become opportunities

Sensitivity and accuracy are key

As social media is becoming a dominant communication channel, one minor mistake from your copywriting can reach a massive number of audiences and can fire back your business at any possible way and at any possible time. Therefore, your copywriting should steer clear of using humour or wit for COVID-19-related communications. Due to the high sensitivity of Covid-19, brands should keep the tone of your copywriting to be neutral and informative. Overly casual and emotional can be off-putting. Furthermore, to stay relevant, the end-goal of any communication should be a contribution and should not be a conversation. In another word, do not try to convince people to buy your products but instead, try to offer them solutions to overcome their challenges. The most important elements of them all is that accuracy. Inaccurate information is the easiest and the fastest way for your customer to lose the trust you have built for years. Therefore, before posting any content, remember to check the facts, figures, and claims that come with it.

Sensitivity and accuracy

Content localisation is critical

Localising content is the first thing you need to consider to leverage “the new normal”. Content localisation is the process of culturally translating your communication tools to the targeted market. With the need for conquering the global market during the pandemic, brands need to invest in proper content localisation and not just translation to compete with local brands in targeted countries.

Content localisation is critical

We can help you to tackle and thrive through challenges

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