QUALITY – The make-or-break factor in website localisation

As multilingual websites offer unparalleled chances to businesses, many translation agencies offer website localisation services. But while finding translation agencies for website translation and localisation has become extremely easy, this does not mean that every agency will offer the same quality, which can be a real risk for your company’s website. Let’s see why quality must always have the highest priority in website translation.

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The first impression – crucial for succeeding

Your website will give clients the first impression of your business – and all of us know how important a first impression is. The moment visitors land on the website is your time to shine and probably theonly chanceto convince them to use your services or buy your products. Spotless quality, appealing and absolutely clear language will help you seize the moment and impress prospective customers. Only high-end website translation will help your business win their attention and trust right from the very first moment visitors land on your pages. If, however, the first things that you let your visitors read are unclear or sound awkward in the target language, they are likely to turn away – forever. Remember that the competition is just a click away.

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Linguistic details will inevitably reinforce your professional appearance – or ruin it

In most cases, the product that your business sells to clients won’t be correct grammar or eloquent phrases. However, perfect linguistic style will contribute to the overall impression that visitors to your website gain, and demonstrate that your business is truly professional and respectable on every level. Furthermore, wrong grammar, misspellings or other linguistic issues can easily make you look ridiculous or damage your professional image instantly. Most of us have seen low-quality website translations, which made businesses appear unprofessional – and of course that is something that you need to avoid at all costs.

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Deal or no deal? Often just up to the right wording!

Particularly in B2C, where customers’ decisions to buy products or use services are often based on emotions and subjective impressions, catchy phrases will pull the trigger. Elionetwork’s transcreators will develop eloquent, original and compelling solutions that appeal to readers and avoid dull or boring phrases. Professional transcreation will work like a magic wand in website localisation and boost your sales.

Only high-quality website translation will evoke the impression of a well-established presence inlocal markets

If the translation of your website is spotless, readers will feel that your company has a strong,well-established market presence in their home country. In contrast, a low-quality translation, which might, for example, be culturally insensitive, will give your visitorsan impression that your business does not treat their market with due respect, does not care for it very much or simply does not know it very well.

A website translation with quality problems can instantly spoil your marketing efforts. What your business needs is an experienced translation service provider with strict quality assurance measures in place.

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Multilingual website translation requires expertise of several specialised translators plus a large spectrum of additional services, but only few providers have the necessary resources

A typical website contains various text categories, such as marketing content, legal content etc. Each of them poses challenges that specialised translators need to master. While many translation agencies will assign the entire content to one single translator, elionetwork understands that no translator can be good at absolutely everything. We will therefore assign various text types to expert translators from different fields.

Another issue that many businesses are not aware of is that a website that works perfectly well in one language, might not do so in other languages. Font problems, particularly in Asian languages such as Chinese, different text lengths in target/source languages, display problems and many other issues occur regularly in website translation. As a one-stop solution provider, elionetwork has an expert team of designers, IT-specialists, engineers, etc. They will help you create a multilingual website that really works and fulfils its objectives in any target language.

As you see, website localisation is a double-edged sword. It can help your business, but it can also damage it – it will all depend on the quality. As elionetwork has been in the industry since 2000, we understand that quality is crucial and apply rigorous quality assurance procedures.

Do you have further questions about the quality assurance process at elionetwork and our turnkey solutions for website localisation? Or do you want a quote and check out our section on successfully completed projects? Get in touch and we will answer all your questions.