Simultaneous interpretations are the gold standard for interpretations at live events, conferences and seminars.

Here, an interpreter translates a speaker’s words as the person is speaking. The translator’s words are delivered to event participants via a wireless earpiece in each participant’s ear – with the delay between the original speaker’s speech (in the source language) and the interpreted words usually being no more than 30 seconds.

As expected, simultaneous interpretations require an incredibly high level of skill to carry out as interpreters must not only be very fluent in both source and interpreted languages, but also capable of performing several complex tasks at the same time – listening, understanding and interpreting.

These include:

• Events
• Conferences
• Trainings
• Group market research sessions

• Church services
• Presentations that need to keep
a consistent, non-stop flow

Simultaneous interpretations usually also require some on-site equipment and set up, such as soundproof booths for interpreters and earpieces for participants.