Crafting Contents – If A Great Copy Has Traits, What Are They?

Crafting Contents

If A Great Copy Has Traits, What Are They?

Copywriting seems to be a daunting task because it seems like you never know when your piece of content is good. It is even more daunting when you are trying to localise your content to foreign audiences. So if an outstanding copy has traits, what are they? Let’s figure them out!

Crafting contents

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is drafting, crafting, and polishing the text for advertising or other forms of marketing, such as newsletter, web content, email, blogs, social media posts, etc. Copywriters write outstanding copywriting content to persuade audiences to take actions. With the rise of the internet and globalisation, copywriting is a critical part of content localisation, which helps to deliver your brand and your products to the global market.

Content is king

What are the traits of a persuasive copy?

To help marketers to develop or choose a great piece of copywriting content from your copywriting or content localisation agencies, we develop a four-wheel system for you to recognise a great piece of content. 

Trait 1 – Strong connection with the audiences

The first thing that every copywriter should do before starting to write your copy is researching your audiences. The core of copywriting is communication. And to make a copy of any communication tool to be effective, you need to craft your work for the audience by providing the information that they want to know and the offer that is valuable for them. Therefore, initial research of your audiences to understand their demography, geography, psychology, and behaviour is utmost important before you put your pen on your paper.

Strong connection with the audiences

Trait 2 – Shout out the numbers

People decide whether they trust your copy or not based on facts and figures. In this date and age, facts and figures are the elements for people to make decisions. Your copy should always provide the numbers from reliable sources. However, try not to overcrowd your content with numbers. Instead, try to provide from three to five key figures that are critical and powerful that can drive desired actions. And remember to provide reliable references for your numbers.

Trait 3 – Speak the language

As a piece of communication, you must use the right language for the right audiences in the targeted industry. To establish trust and drive interest of the audiences, you must include inclusive languages in your writing. Key and basic elements are technical terms, slangs, and trendy words for specific segments need to be used seamlessly in your writing.

Speak the language

Trait 4 – Creative and creative

Copywriting is an art. Therefore, creativity plays a crucial role in crafting this artform. In copywriting, creativity can be subtle through choosing angles and contexts to tell your stories and connecting unexpected elements. For example, when writing a copy for a burger, instead of trying to sell the burger conventionally by describing how it tastes, you can tell the stories of each ingredient of the burger and make the copy more engaging.

Creative and creative

We are here to help you

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