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Give your marketing materials, videos and business documents that creative spark with professional design, copywriting, video production and more.

Our suite of creative services as provided through our sister company, Spark Media Lab – a recognised creative agency that specialises in a full spectrum of creative services. We have the expertise to take your brand’s marketing, brand recognition, communications and sales to the next level.

The team includes professional copywriters, designers, videographers and marketers from across APAC, each with in-depth knowledge about local and regional markets. With our international team, you can be assured that the creative content created for your marketing campaigns will appeal to local audiences – wherever they are.

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Our creative services include:

The ability to find the right words to convey a story isn’t just anyone’s cup of tea.

At elionetwork, we have an in-house team of expert copywriters with years of experience under their belt churning out clutter-breaking copy, campaign after campaign.

Fully capable to write in many different styles and tonalities, the focus of our copywriting effort is to ensure your message is understood fully and translates into meaningful results.

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Design is as much of a science as it is an art. Talent is what makes a good designer.

But to be able to transform that talent into great designs that deliver the desired results, you need shrewd marketing acumen and an in-depth knowhow of the local market.

That’s where our creative managers come in. Having the experiences of working with leading communication and advertising agencies around the world, they harmonise the efforts of the sales and design teams to deliver clutter-breaking design solutions tailored to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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Whether you need a corporate video, documentary, infomercial or simply a photomatic telop to showcase your services, elionetwork has a full suite of videography solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Our experienced team of film directors, art directors and copywriters ensure all your videography needs are fully taken care of – from conception to completion. In addition, we provide you leading-edge animation solutions, which include 3D, whiteboard, vector and infographic animations that are designed to help your brand stand out from the competition.

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Complex material explained in the most user-friendly manner – that’s our mantra for technical writing.

Our writers and designers understand your industry on a technical level and have the expertise to help you churn out impactful copy for a wide variety of technical documentation. We are skilled at presenting complex information simply and comprehensively, with intelligent copy and well-designed diagrams and technical illustrations.

Our technical writing offerings are suitable for technical manuals and guides, training material, marketing collaterals, and much more.

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Connect with prospects across the globe with digital marketing campaigns that effectively leverage on the widespread reach of social media platforms, blogs, news sites, eDMs, search engines, and more.

Create a one-size-fits-all campaign for your global audience, or localise digital marketing materials to match each country’s culture and maximise results.

Our digital marketing solutions include social media marketing, search engine marketing, display banner advertisements, online iTVCs, search engine optimisation and email marketing (among other solutions).

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