Certified Translation

Be assured of complete translation accuracy with our certified translation service. Every certified translation is accompanied by our certification that your translated document is a highly accurate representation of the source material (i.e. your original documents).

Certified translations are ideal for any business or personal documents that require an exemplary degree of accuracy. In certain cases, a certified translation may be a regulatory requirement when submitting official documents (such as to a government agency, bank or other legal entity).

These documents may include:

Legal documents

When courts require legal documents to be submitted for a case, there is usually a requirement for the documentation to be strictly in English or a specifically-requested language. To comply with the court’s orders, all legal documents must be translated by a translation company that provides certified translations.


Certificates that are required for official purposes – such as birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates – need to be translated into English or the court’s requested language by translators who will certify the translations as true to the source material.

Criminal record checks

HR departments and government agencies that conduct background checks – especially when checking for criminal records – must ensure that the translated documents they receive are accurate and represent the meaning of the source material impeccably. This is commonly done for employment, visa and permanent residency applications.

Regulatory documents

Because it is essential that regulatory documents (such as research data forms, case reports, bank statements, business contracts and informed consent) are highly accurate, these documents require certified translations to assure all parties that the information they have on hand has been translated with thoughtful detail.




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