Voiceover & Dubbing

We provide professional voiceover and dubbing services for companies who need to record new audio for your videos. Why would you need to re-record and overwrite your existing audio? The most common reasons are:

• Poor quality of voiceover work in the original video
• Localisation of multimedia content

Voiceovers vs Dubbing
Before starting on a voiceover and dubbing project, it’s important to know the key differences and which service suits your needs.

• Voiceovers are used when your video content doesn’t require words to be matched with lip movement, and when the content in your video is more important than the delivery of the spoken words

• Dubbing is preferred when spoken words need to be synched with the lips of people in the video, and when the voice actor’s performance – in terms of tonality and emotion – is crucial for the overall quality of the video

Still uncertain? Chat with us for advice on whether a voiceover or dubbing is better for your multimedia project.




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