As social media platforms and online video streaming services continue to explode in popularity, consumer preferences have moved from reading print articles to digital stories, and now, video streaming.

Today, the majority of content consumed online is video.

Our film and video production team is here to assist with all your video-related needs. Over the years, we have created all types of videos, including:

  • Corporate videos
  • Event videos
  • Documentaries
  • Infomercials
  • Advertisements
  • Film productions
  • Sports videos
  • Training videos

Our crew includes professional camerapersons, artists, producers and editors from across APAC – capable of taking charge of video projects from around the world and adapting this content for global (and local) audiences.

Your film project will be handled by a project manager with expertise in film production. The project manager will work with you to achieve your vision, collaborating with you every step of the way – from storyboarding to filming, and all throughout the production process.




elionetwork Pte Ltd

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