We combine human linguists with Computer-Assisted-Translation tools (CAT tools) to successfully deliver consistent, accurate and fluent translations that are timely and cost-effective.

  • Terminology Database – improves consistency in translated terminologies and ensures consistency in translation across the team
  • Translation Memory Database – enhances consistency in translated strings and increases translation speed
  • Network Capability – enables a team of translators assigned to the same project to utilize the same translation memory
  • Cost-effectiveness – clients can receive significant discounts when CAT tools discover repetitions in source texts
  • Time-effectiveness – CAT tools help linguists work on documents faster and tremendously reduce turnaround time

elionetwork’s native linguists are expert users of state-of-the-art CAT tools, creating huge benefits to our worldwide clients.
It is very important to understand that CAT tools are absolutely NOT the same as machine translation
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