• In the translation industry, technical translation is seen as a particularly complex field, because it does not only require linguistic skills, but also engineering expertise. If you are planning to translate documents such as instruction manuals or technical documentations, here is your all-in-one guide to technical translation.

  • Website localisation is a must for any business that operates internationally. In this entry, we will go through the fundamentals of website localisation, clarify common misconceptions and discuss which benefits website localisation can offer to your business. To conclude, we will address some points to keep in mind when you decide to localise your website.

  • Transcreation, or translation + creation, is the process of making an advertising campaign culturally appropriate for a target market. In this article, we discuss the main aspects of your global marketing campaign that require transcreation.

  • The dawn of social media has transformed the marketing landscape! Indeed, many businesses find that social media is a useful platform through which they can reach new markets. As different countries have different cultures, it is imperative that businesses looking to expand internationally deploy localisation measures in their social media campaigns.

    5-Easy-Steps-Localising-Your-Social-Media Campaign
  • As multilingual websites offer unparalleled chances to businesses, many translation agencies offer website localisation services. But while finding translation agencies for website translation and localisation has become extremely easy, this does not mean that every agency will offer the same quality, which can be a real risk for your company’s website. Let’s see why quality must always have the highest priority in website translation.

    QUALITY – The-make-or-break-factor-in-website-localisation
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