• Day by day, businesses in the engineering sector produce a sheer incredible amount of new documents. As most engineering brands operate globally, it is clear that they require document translation services to localise their texts. While the meaning of quality translation in the localisation process is generally well known, the role of desktop publishing (DTP) is often underestimated. In this article, we will introduce and discuss several key aspects of translation and DTP services for businesses in industries such as construction, manufacturing, telecommunication and IT, and point out why desktop publishing can be indispensable to them.

    Translation And DTP Services For The Engineering sector
  • Businesses need quality translation services for their marketing collateral to succeed in foreign markets. However, there are cases in which document translation services alone are not enough, and desktop publishing (DTP) services will be required in addition to translation. Today we will look into some basics of marketing document translation and DTP, and explain why quality is key.

    Translation And DTP Services For Marketing Collateral
  • Businesses that reach out to international and multilingual audiences with any type of written documents require professional translation and DTP (desktop publishing) services. Quality language and DTP agencies can help those businesses ensure that their documents are error-free, visually appealing and fulfil their purpose. This article provides a very short introduction to the basics of DTP, discusses how desktop publishing helps make the most of translated documents and explains why it is important to select a service provider that handles DTP and translation under one single roof.

    DTP And Document Translation Services
  • It is no doubt that the world is in one of the biggest crises in history. The marketing industry, with no exception, has been challenged on a massive scale. As a result of the worldwide lockdown, marketers need to rethink their marketing strategy and they can no longer rely on the physical presence of the brand. Retail and out-of-home marketing are completely replaced by online platforms with heavy reliance on content marketing and copywriting. This article discusses the importance of copywriting in “the new normal” and how you can leverage “the new normal” to deliver business advantages through copywriting.

    Copywriting and the new normal
  • The 21st century is the century of Asia. More than 70 per cent of worldwide consumption comes from Asian countries and China is expected to become the new economic power. Every business now understands that to be successful, they need to conquer the Asian market. Even Hermes, a luxury fashion brand, has just launched the USD41,000 Helios Mahjong set to explicitly target Asian customers. However, Asia is an extremely dynamic market. Therefore, businesses need to equip themselves with multicultural copywriting and localisation to conquer this market.

    Asian Business Challenges
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