• The internet has changed the way people shopped all around the globe with local customers shopping for goods halfway around the continent. The percentage of people engaged in online shopping even increased because of lockdown and quarantine measures. The convenience of shopping online and having things delivered right to their doorstep created a new habit of cross-border shopping.

    As the one at the helm, you have to work hard to promote your goods and services to new markets and clients. You must provide the same level of service, speed, and support that local retailers do. Hence, you must localise your website and payment options to ensure your customers have a great experience. Thankfully, you can seamlessly do these things with the help of a localisation agency, like our team at elionetwork with the expertise to navigate complex language and cultural barriers. That’s why our team compiled these tips, so you can sell your goods and services across the border without any glitches. With localisation services at your disposal, you can conquer foreign target markets.

    Cross-Border Payments And E-Wallets
  • It’s not often that new technology with the potential to change the world as we know it comes around. When something is described as such, many of us often think of it as hyperbole. That’s true enough in most cases. However, blockchain technology is an exception to that. Notably, blockchain technology is not super new either. The aforementioned technology was invented back in 2008. Although it has been a while since we’ve been introduced to the concept of blockchain, it’s only now that we’re starting to see its full potential. We’re also learning how it could greatly change the banking and financial sectors as we know them currently.

    If you work in one of those sectors, you may need to work with a localisation service sooner rather than later. Introducing your clients to blockchain technology properly will likely become an essential task moving forward.

  • E-commerce has forever changed the global business landscape, which requires companies to shift from the traditional standardised business model to the new innovative business model. As e-commerce allows businesses to reach a larger scale of consumers, localisation is a necessity to survive and thrive in this new business environment. This article discusses the pros and cons of e-commerce in the 21st century and provides some practical tips to leverage localisation to make your e-commerce business wildly successful.

  • As the one at the helm of your financial institution, you must take cyber threat seriously as numbers show that these attacks will cause around 6 trillion USD in damages this year and potentially reaching 10.5 trillion USD by 2025. You must mitigate attacks in the various regions you serve because your industry is the most susceptible. Besides, finance and banking enterprises handle sensitive customer information and engage in tons of online transactions, so amplifying protection assures all of these are not compromised.

    Apart from seeking assistance from tech companies who safeguard systems and data, you need localisation service and assistance from a team like elionetwork. We are known for exemplary work in financial document translation, but we can parlay this expertise by helping your cybersecurity team. With the right help, you can maximise the advice of the cybersecurity professionals you hire because their advice does not get lost in translation. Covering all areas ensures you get the best defence against a potential data breach or a massive system attack that can make your institution crumble.

    Cybersecurity Localisation in Finance sector
  • Banks and companies in the finance and insurance sectors require professional localisation agencies to translate and adapt their marketing documents in order to succeed. This is not only indispensable in foreign markets, but also helps them reach speakers of minority languages in their home countries, thereby attracting attention and increasing sales – as long as all such marketing collateral is translated/localised with the highest quality standards. But what does quality actually mean in this context? This article will discuss several key aspects.

    Marketing Collateral Localisation