• The Association of Southeast Asian Nations consists of 10 countries, which are home to approximately 660 million people. The region is culturally and linguistically extremely diverse. While the linguistic diversity is truly fascinating to observers and visitors, it makes Southeast Asia a region in which communication can be challenging. Today we will introduce major languages of the ASEAN countries and see why there is such a strong demand for professional translations from and to Southeast Asian languages.

    Translation Services for Languages of the ASEAN Countries
  • Asia’s growth potential has been attracting significant investment from Western businesses. With a rising middle class, consumers in Asia are playing a critical role in the world economy. In particular, 17% of global consumption is from Chinese and Indian consumers alone. Western companies have been prioritising their operations in Asia to expand their presence in this region. Consumer goods giants like Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and L’Oreal have their own regional hubs in Asia along with satellite offices across the continent. Yet, the diverse and unique cultures and business environments bring critical challenges.

    Conquer the Asian Dragon
  • Translation is one of the oldest professions in the world, and particularly legal translation has always played a crucial role in human history. The modern legal translation industry that we know now is the result of a development as old as humankind – and this development is not over yet. On the contrary, changes take place all the time and we expect the legal translation business to evolve and transform further. Today we will share some industry insights into the future of legal translation and what can be expected in the coming years.

    The Future Of Legal Translation
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) is certainly never easy. When businesses invest abroad, they do not only have to deal with complicated administrative aspects, but also face language related challenges: Companies struggle with loads of paperwork in foreign languages and particularly with its legal content. This is where they need legal translation services. Today we will explore some aspects of legal translation for FDI purposes and highlight why it is so important to choose a high quality language service provider.

    Legal Translation In Foreign Direct Investment
  • Contracts are a concept that has been known since ancient times and that people from all nations know, no matter where they live or which language they speak. Once contracts build links across linguistic barriers, contract translations are needed. Whether they are property rental contracts, employment contracts, purchase contracts, etc. – contract translation is one of the most important areas within legal translation. Today we will discuss some aspects of contract translation that will prove useful to anyone who needs to have a contract translated.

    Contract Translation Guide
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