Localisation In Cross-Border Payments And E-Wallets

The internet has changed the way people shopped all around the globe with local customers shopping for goods halfway around the continent. The percentage of people engaged in online shopping even increased because of lockdown and quarantine measures. The convenience of shopping online and having things delivered right to their doorstep created a new habit of cross-border shopping.


As the one at the helm, you have to work hard to promote your goods and services to new markets and clients. You must provide the same level of service, speed, and support that local retailers do. Hence, you must localise your website and payment options to ensure your customers have a great experience. Thankfully, you can seamlessly do these things with the help of a localisation agency, like our team at elionetwork with the expertise to navigate complex language and cultural barriers. That’s why our team compiled these tips, so you can sell your goods and services across the border without any glitches. With localisation services at your disposal, you can conquer foreign target markets

Localisation In Cross-Border Payments And E-Wallets

Localising Payment Options

Apart from working hard to make your webpages understandable, compelling, and enticing for people of all languages, providing local payment options is imperative. When you sell to an international market, people want access to the currency and modes of payment that they’re accustomed to. But this is easier said than done. Seeking localisation assistance is vital because you must:

  • Comply with local KYC and AML regulations
  • Translate many things into local languages
  • Account for currency exchange rates
  • Provide different payment methods
  • Consider the cultural sensitivity of the region

The process of setting up an efficient e-commerce system partly hinges on choosing the right payment method. Remember, every country has various payment preferences, which will impact your site, especially the checkout page. For example, e-commerce transactions made in the Netherlands often use the iDeal app, while Italy uses Paypal and Postepay. Even a small developing country like the Philippines has PayMaya or GCash.

Localising Payment Options

Factor Checkout Optimisation For a Better Client Experience

As an online seller, providing clients’ preferred payment methods in the countries you want to penetrate is paramount to your success. It is not enough to provide a single payment gateway as this puts your business at risk. With only one payment option, should something untoward happen, it will adversely impact your businessbecause you cannot cater to clients needs. Hence, you must offer various payment options to satisfy your global clients.

Additionally, suppose you don’t rely on financial document translation services to beef up the layout and text wordings on your checkout pages. In that case, your shoppers may abandon their e-carts and churn. Remember, with the help of a localisation partner who understands the language, culture, and preferences of the region, you can make a more enticing store that’s translated in the local language while offering an easy-to-understand checkout page with the best payment options with their local currency. On top of that, you can also translate the following:

  • Product descriptions
  • About Us page
  • Customer reviews section
  • FAQs
  • Product tutorials and guides
Client Experience

Leverage Mobile Payments to Assure The Best User Experience


With more than 5 billion people in the world owning a mobile device, it is pretty clear a lot of shopping and transactions happen on this platform. If you want to increase your global e-commerce sales, you must optimise your website’s mobile payment platform with the right localisation techniques


Apart from ensuring you’ve got a highly adaptive website in both landscape and portrait mode for mobile use, your payment process also needs to be optimised as well. This means working with the right partner to design mobile payment pages for the benefit of the customers. With their help, you can make sure that clients can understand the payment instructions. Thus, they can readily enter their credit or debit card information in the proper fields that are labelled correctly in their local dialect.

The Best User Experience

Provide Clear Contracts in a Language They Understand


Part of payment includes a contract of carriage that stipulates what your clients will receiveif they proceed with the mobile payment. You can also seek banking translation services to provide the fine print of sale in their local language. This means they can feel more confident about what they are buying, in terms of policies, guarantees, and modes of delivery. With these localiseddetails, you can turn leads and prospects into loyal clients because your customers will feel assured and secured working your brand. After all, understanding equates to knowledge, which is the power needed for making sound choices.


Assure Better Understanding of Security Payment Protocols


Cross-border merchants may have to deal with additional steps in the payment process. Some countries require users to enter an OTP or one-time password via SMS, email, or a call. If the messagesthat prospective buyersreceive are materials they cannot understand, it will create friction that equates to discontinued purchases. Thus, it is vital for merchants to implement low-friction processes such as translation services that would prevent misunderstandings. A frictionless flow assures better user experience and customer satisfaction. 

Security Payment Protocols

Meet Regulatory Requirement for Authentication


Dealing with different countries means understanding various rules and regulations. In something as sensitive as e-commerce, you have to ensure that you comply with all the tenets of the law where you want to bring your goods or services for a seamless flow. For best results, seeking interpretation services to understand the laws will help strengthen your business. 


Find the Best Partner For Localisation Needs 


It will be a terrible waste of resources if you do not cultivate cross-border e-commerce. That’s a huge potential goldmine waiting for you. However, you must work hard to meet your clients’ expectations when it comes to online shopping. Just like in the real world, the customer experience is everything. It will spell the difference between your clients going to your competitors or making that sale. 


To ensure you optimise your e-commerceprocesses for new markets and regions, work with a reputable partner like elionetwork. Our team will localise your website, work on your checkout pages, ensure you meet regulatory requirements, and ascertain a seamless mobile experience.


Our team takes pride in bringing a personal touch in all our collaborations, from simple document financial translation services to more complex insurance translation services. We have knowledge, expertise, skills, and experience at our disposal. Call us for a free trial. We would love to help your business grow, succeed, and thrive in whichever new region or market you want to explore.