Whether you’re doing business in Laos or there for personal matters, you’ll want to be sure that your legal papers, contracts, marketing materials and other documents are translated with a high degree of accuracy into – and from – Lao, the official language of Laos.

The Language Of Laos
Similar to several other Asian languages, Lao is a tonal language that is not easily understood by non-native speakers – in fact, it’s not uncommon to see people mistaking it for Thai. Make no mistake though, Lao is a completely unique language with its own uniquely rich culture and history behind it.

Why Choose Expert Lao Translators?
Being a less commonly used language around the globe, Lao translators are harder to come by. But that doesn’t mean that you should settle for the first (or cheapest) translator you find. That’s because Lao comes with its own set of complexities that needs to be addressed by experienced translators, such as:

• Complex characters that are often misread by less skilled translators
• Differences in spacing between characters, paragraph/line breaks, and other intricacies
• The type and size of fonts used (which can change the profile of the text)

At elionetwork, our translators are not only experts in the Lao language – we are also deeply entrenched in Laotian culture. Importantly, we have the expertise needed to translate technical, industry-specific documents – because our translators have experience working within these industries and are well-versed in industry jargon, technical terms and other insider details.

elionetwork offers these services in Lao