Khmer is the official language of Cambodia and is spoken by 16 million people across Southeast Asia, making it an important language to translate your official and business documents into (and from). This is especially so if you’re doing business in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand – the three countries with the most number of Khmer speakers
in the world.

A Rich History
There is a lot of historical significance behind the language, with the earliest findings of its written form dating back to the 7th century. Its spoken form also has deep cultural significance as it is intertwined with Cambodia’s culture,
heritage and people.

A Trusted Khmer Translation Company
elionetwork is reputed for our excellent Khmer translations, produced by our highly qualified translators who are also native Khmer speakers. We can read, write and interpret Khmer with a high degree of accuracy – understanding the context and sub-context of both spoken and written text.

Because our translators are entrenched in Cambodia’s culture, you can be assured that our translated (and transcreated) work will be more than just accurate – it will be culturally appropriate as well.
Reach out to a whole new audience with excellent Khmer translations.

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