Did you know these fun facts about the Japanese language?
• Japanese is the 9th most widely-spoken language in the world
• There are over 130 million Japanese speakers across the globe
• Japanese text is traditionally written from top to bottom, right to left

Japanese is known as a complex language and possibly one of the most difficult languages to learn. While most languages only have one form of writing (i.e. English uses alphabets), Japanese consists of three writing forms – namely, kanji, hiragana and katakana. Of the three, katakana is the most popular among foreigners who are interested in learning Japanese.

Why Expertise Counts In Japanese Translations
While it’s often (mistakenly) believed that Japanese is only used in Japan, the language is common in a surprising number of other countries as well. Perhaps due to the influence of Japanese culture, the language is also used in parts of Asia, as well as North and South America.

You can expand your business’ reach by developing marketing materials and related documents in Japanese. This investment will allow you to connect with prospects across Japan and other parts of the globe that have Japanese residents, or a Japanese workforce.

High Quality Translations From Japanese Experts
Because of the complexities inherent in the language, you’ll want to trust your Japanese translations to experts in the field. At elionetwork, our translation team has vast experience in translating (and creating) materials and documents in Japanese. We can speak and write in all forms of Japanese, and have the expertise to provide you with highly accurate Japanese translations in the specific written forms you require.

Importantly, we have an intimate understanding of Japanese culture and localise our translations accordingly. For example, our Japanese translators will apply appropriate honorifics in our translations where needed, even if the original text doesn’t include these.

This is the level of expertise you’ll need with translating materials to and from Japanese. Put your Japanese translations in safe hands with our experienced team.

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