English is the most widely-used language in the world with an estimated 1.5 billion speakers around the world.

It’s a fairly complex language too, featuring an exhaustive vocabulary that keeps growing as commonly-used words, phrases and terms move from “urban dictionaries” into official ones. Speaking of dictionaries, official dictionaries have classified around half a million English words. Meanwhile, there are still another half a million (scientific and technical) words and terms that remain unclassified!

Professional English translations for businesses

Whether you’re in the education industry and are looking to reach out to prospective students, translating important documents for legal purposes, or attempting to translate (or create) compelling marketing copy for your brand, high quality English translations are a must.

English translation services from native speakers

elionetwork’s team comprises of native English speakers who have an excellent grasp on the language and how it’s used across the globe. We write and spell in both US and UK English – both of which come with their own intricacies.

We can also advise you on what spelling and writing style suits your target audience best (this depends on the countries and industries your audiences are in). Additionally, our English translators are well-versed in catchphrases and colloquial terms that are commonly used by locals – and are able to communicate with appropriately-worded language for every context.

elionetwork offers these services in English:

Transcreation | Interpretation | DTP | Multimedia | Creative Services

We specialise in English translations and English content creation for these industries:

Manufacturing | Life Sciences | Automotive | Telecommunications | IT | Legal
Banking & Finance | Education | Travel & Hospitality | PR & Advertising




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