China is the most populous country in the world with a population of over 1.4 billion people. The population isn’t staying home either, as Chinese people can be found all across the globe – especially in Asia, Australia, America and Europe.

Today, the worldwide Chinese market is huge – and it’s expanding. This means the Chinese language is being used increasingly often in marketing materials and documents everywhere.

Chinese is a complex language, with two distinct written forms – Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese – as well as many different spoken and written dialects. This can make translations tricky, unless you truly understand your
target audience.

Experts In The Chinese Language
We have the expertise to help you not only translate materials to and from Chinese, but can advise you on the type of translation needed.

For example, if you’re translating documents for audiences in Taiwan or Hong Kong, it’s useful to know that your prospects read and write in Traditional Chinese. Meanwhile, audiences from China, Singapore and Malaysia use Simplified Chinese. And we haven’t even begun to discuss the varying dialects used in each country and state.

Translations And Creative Services In Chinese
How do we know so much about Chinese audiences across the globe? Our translators are native Chinese speakers from several Asian countries.

We understand the language, cultures and requirements of audiences in each location – and can adapt, as well as localise, Chinese language translations for your specific audiences and business purposes.

elionetwork offers these services in Chinese