Many people know that Burmese is the official language of Myanmar, but did you also know that the language is spoken by 52 million people around the world? While most Burmese speakers reside in Myanmar, you can also hear the language spoken in parts of Thailand, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

The intricacies of Burmese

The Burmese language is steeped in history, with an alphabet system that is said to be descended from an ancient Brahmic script. Like a number of other Asian languages, Burmese is a tonal, pitch-register and syllable-timed language, which can make it challenging for non-native speakers to understand.

Burmese translations by native speakers

When translating to and from Burmese, it’s essential to engage the services of professionals who have an excellent grasp of the language – preferably native speakers who understand the real meaning that certain words, phrases and terms carry when used in any specific context.

Our translation team comprises of native Burmese speakers and Myanmar locals. We provide Burmese translation for all types of documents – from entry and work permits, to marriage and birth certificates, bank and financial statements, and much more.

Further, our experienced Burmese translators are also equipped with the capabilities to translate business, personal and legal documents for a wide range of industries such as education, travel, banking, finance and others.

Have confidence in the quality and accuracy of your Burmese translations with elionetwork.

elionetwork offers these services in Burmese:

Transcreation | Interpretation | DTP | Multimedia | Creative Services

We specialise in Burmese translations and Burmese content creation for these industries:

Manufacturing | Life Sciences | Automotive | Telecommunications | IT | Legal
Banking & Finance | Education | Travel & Hospitality | PR & Advertising




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