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As globalisation continues to make the world a smaller place, tourists are expanding their horizons by travelling to exotic destinations. Consequently, businesses in the travel and hospitality industry are reaching out to customers from all parts of the world – selling holiday packages, hotel stays and event destinations.

These exciting times present tremendous opportunity for businesses in the travel and hospitality industry, but only if you can connect with travellers.

To do so, you need to speak their language. And you need to speak it exactly as they do – with the same vocabulary, mannerisms and intonations as the locals. This way, when prospective travellers search for travel options and secure bookings, you can form connections that differentiate your brand from the competition.

We speak the travel & hospitality sector’s language

Our international translation team speaks and writes in over 55 of the world’s most popular languages – and we do so naturally, just as the locals do. Additionally, our professional translators can not only translate your materials, but localise them – adding flair and nuance that local audiences will appreciate and trust.

Translations for travel & hospitality businesses

We translate and localise:

  • Travel and hospitality brochures
  • City guides
  • Transportation guides
  • Itineraries
  • Maps
  • Websites
  • Menus
  • Flight information
  • Check-in information
  • Videos
  • …and much more
Multimedia in the travel & hospitality industry

Do you need a corporate video or commercial materials created? Our team of directors, video editors, copywriters and designers will work with you (or your marketing team) to conceptualise, film, voiceover/dub, subtitle, produce and transcribe your multimedia projects.

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Creative services for travel & hospitality businesses

Create effective, results-driven marketing materials for audiences across the globe. elionetwork offers high-quality creative services through our sister company, Spark Media Lab. Our creative services include copywriting, design, filming, technical writing and digital marketing.

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Organisations in the world of travel and hospitality also engage us for these services: Transcreation | Interpretation | DTP

These are our supported languages for the travel and hospitality sector.




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