Over-The-Top Media Services Open A New Door For Content Localisation

Over-the-top (OTT media service), a streaming media service offered directly via the Internet, is the booming industry, especially during the pandemic. With the rise of the OTT industry, there is a huge demand for content localisation for the multimedia contents. This article will analyse the competition of the OTT and how to localise content effectively in this digital streaming age.

Over-The-Top Media Services
Subtitle Translation For Absolute Beginners

Subtitling is probably one of the keywords in today’s multimedia industry. Let's discover how subtitles are made and how you can provide impressive subtitle translation.

Subtitle Translation
Voiceover Or Subtitles? Which One Is For You

In multimedia localisation, choosing between voiceover and subtitles is choosing between cost and quality. Voice-over involves multiple steps from transcribing, translating, recruiting voice talent, to recording. Subtitling is more simple, it includes only transcribing, translating, and adding foreign language captions at the bottom of the video screen. However, subtitling is less engaging. So, which one should you choose? Let's us help you to discover.

Voiceover Or Subtitles?
How to provide high-quality yet time-efficient multimedia translation services

Multimedia translation is a time consuming and difficult process. Every project can be different depending on the types of deliverables and clients’ demands. Localisation agencies must satisfy such a wide range of requests, but it is more efficient if the clients can understand their demands better.

Multimedia translation
Multimedia translation 101: Step-by-step guidance

A multimedia is a communication form that comprises multiple content formats such as texts, video, audio, images, etc. For instance, podcasts and movies are two multimedia examples. In the 21st century, multimedia dominated our world from mainstream media (news, broadcasts, etc). Multimedia is amongst the most effective tools to reach and gain interests from audiences. However, producing multimedia is costly and therefore, you have to make sure that it can reach the highest number of audience. The solution for that is trying to translate your content to as many languages as possible to reach audiences from other countries. This article will guide you on how to translate your multimedia to other languages.

Multimedia translation