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DTP And Document Translation Services

Businesses that reach out to international and multilingual audiences with any type of written documents require professional translation and DTP (desktop publishing) services. Quality language and DTP agencies can help those businesses ensure that their documents are error-free, visually appealing and fulfil their purpose. This article provides a very short introduction to the basics of DTP, discusses how desktop publishing helps make the most of translated documents and explains why it is important to select a service provider that handles DTP and translation under one single roof.

DTP And Document Translation Services
Pros & Cons Of AI And Machine Learning In Medical & Life Science Translation

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies increasingly require accurate and timely multilingual content for the development of drugs or medical devices in order to respond to rapidly growing international patient needs. This is why many of them are looking for professional language services providers who can provide specialised medical translation services and life science translation services.

In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in medical and life sciences translation to help you make a more informed choice.

Pros & Cons Of AI And Machine Learning In Medical & Life Science Translation
Clarifying General Misconceptions About Translation – Part II

In Clarifying General Misconceptions about Translation – Part I, we have already discussed some of the wrong ideas that most people have about translation. We feel that there is still a lot to say and want to help our readers get rid of misunderstandings about translation. The following content will certainly be relevant to you if you are planning to have any sort of texts translated.

Clarifying General Misconceptions About Translation – Part I

Translation is one of the oldest professions of humankind and has played a crucial role in shaping global co-existence for millennia. Certainly, our world would not be the same if translation did not exist and today, in our globalised lives, most of us encounter translations every single day. But even though translation has been so important for such a long time, there are several huge misunderstandings and general misconceptions surrounding it. If you are planning to translate any type of content or if your professional position includes duties such as international communication or regional marketing management, this blog will certainly help you understand essential aspects of translation and get rid of wrong assumptions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Translation Tools

CAT tools have become absolutely indispensable in the translation industry. However, unless you are a translator, you will most probably not be familiar with the concept behind those CAT tools. That is why we want to explain what CAT tools and their benefits are and also clarify some common misunderstandings.

CAT tools
The Biggest Translation Mistakes with Real Consequences

You can prepare several marketing messages for your target customers but all they will remember is the one mistake you make. This is because poor translation is most obvious when something goes wrong. Sending a badly crafted message can not only turn people away,  it can also lead to health, political and financial consequences.

The Biggest Translation Mistakes with Real Consequences
How Translation Services in Singapore Help Businesses Unlock Unparalleled Opportunities

For decades, there has been a huge need for translation in Singapore. Clients from both Singapore and other countries approach Singaporean translation agencies with their translation and localisation requirements for business and private needs. In this blog entry, we will discuss some reasons behind that immensely high demand and discover how localization services in Singapore can help clients reach their aims and take advantage of new opportunities.

Translation Services in Singapore
How to Choose a Good Language Services Provider

As a business owner or marketer, it is essential that you choose the right language services provider. Like any partnership, your working relationship with your language services provider will deepen over time if you have found the right partner. An ill-considered choice will cause you to eventually succumb to all the pressures of translation such as strict deadlines and project requirements. If you are not sure how to choose a language services provider, here are some factors for you to consider

Good Language Services Provider - elionetwork language services
The Pros and Cons of AI vs. Human Translation

Technology is changing our world. One of the benefits of technological advancements is the use of machine translation or artificial intelligence for our translation projects. Take for example Google Pixel, which instantly translates speech; and Microsoft Bing Translator, which translates texts immediately to help us communicate with people around the world. While machine translation is readily available and heavily relied on today, human translators are still as vital as ever – here’s why.

The Pros and Cons of AI vs Human Translation
The Importance of Quality in Translation

We often do not realise the work involved in translating a piece of text. In order to get such a job done, your translator will need to have a good command over both the source and target languages. Though there are software tools developed to help you translate text from one language to another, you should avoid using such tools if translation quality is important to you.

What are the consequences of bad translation