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Guide To Cross-Border E-Commerce: Key For Success In The 21st Century

E-commerce has forever changed the global business landscape, which requires companies to shift from the traditional standardised business model to the new innovative business model. As e-commerce allows businesses to reach a larger scale of consumers, localisation is a necessity to survive and thrive in this new business environment. This article discusses the pros and cons of e-commerce in the 21st century and provides some practical tips to leverage localisation to make your e-commerce business wildly successful.

Quality Asian Language Localisation Services For The Manufacturing Industry

To the manufacturing sector, Asia is of utmost importance both as a production location and as a sales market. In their interactions with Asia, manufacturers constantly require reliable localisation service agencies. However, despite the economic importance of Asia, many such agencies are not sufficiently experienced with translations from and to Asian languages, which puts the success of their clients’ business activities at risk. This article will illustrate why experience is so important and what manufacturers should keep in mind when they select a localisation service provider for their operations in Asia.

Asian Language Localisation Services For The Manufacturing Industry
Embracing 2021: Prepare Your Business With Best Practices Post-Pandemic

Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in more than a global health crisis, but it also adversely affected the economy. The lives of numerous people and businesses drastically changed as countries imposed quarantine and social distancing measures to mitigate the contagion's spread. As a result, many companies ceased operations, with so many losing their income, while others were forced to adapt to a new normal working environment. But thankfully, there’s always a silver lining!

Based on historical data, the human spirit always triumphs over a deadly virus. And this year proves that it is no different! Despite this bleak situation we are in, it gave birth to inspiring ideas and new norms. Industries and the workers have had to adapt and relearn new routines, not just to survive but to thrive in this complex environment. Those of you who want your businesses to flourish in 2021 must incorporate new approaches to optimize your resources and make your visions come alive. With new practices, you can improve your team’s operations and expect growth despite the harsh times. In our post-Covid19 era, it is essential to transform so that you won’t get left behind.

Prepare Your Business With Best Practices Post-Pandemic
COVID-19 and Christmas: How to Safely Plan the Holidays

A lot of people lament that COVID-19 and Christmas don't mix. The holiday's full essence is giving gifts, gathering with family and friends, and getting warm hugs. However, with pandemic and social distancing measures, so many people fear that reunions and parties can lead to illness and even death. It is truly disheartening when normal activities become deadly because of a virus. The jolly, holly season seems to have lost its sparkle, and things will not be the same this year with the new normal protocols.

However, Christmas 2020 is not postponed just because of the coronavirus. The triumph of the human spirit shall always prevail, as even history has proven that generations have remained victorious even amid other contagions. Being alone during the holiday also has its risks. No man is an island, so your mental health will suffer if you stay completely isolated. Different cultures and languages must unite and remain optimistic amid this temporary adversity. Here are some ways you can safely plan for the holidays:

COVID-19 and Christmas
Asian Business Challenges: Multicultural Copywriting And Localisation

The 21st century is the century of Asia. More than 70 per cent of worldwide consumption comes from Asian countries and China is expected to become the new economic power. Every business now understands that to be successful, they need to conquer the Asian market. Even Hermes, a luxury fashion brand, has just launched the USD41,000 Helios Mahjong set to explicitly target Asian customers. However, Asia is an extremely dynamic market. Therefore, businesses need to equip themselves with multicultural copywriting and localisation to conquer this market.

Asian Business Challenges
Doing Business In China – What To Expect

Despite recent global challenges, China is currently the largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity. With the growth rates averaging 6% over 30 years, China has been attracting investment from foreign companies. Yet, China is a distinctive environment with its unique political, economic, social, and technological factors. Business strategies that work in Western markets do not guarantee equal success in the Chinese market. This article summarises some of the challenges that companies need to consider when doing business in China and some tips to conquer this market.

Doing business in China
Cultural Expertise As A Success Factor In Asia

Attractive business opportunities keep coming up all over Asia, in China, South Korea, Japan, the ASEAN states, India and other nations. Unfortunately, many enterprises that want to penetrate Asian markets are not aware of how much their success in Asia depends on cultural factors. This article will provide a sketch of some cultural aspects that foreign businesses need to keep in mind when they plan to expand their operations to Asia.

Cultural Expertise As A Success Factor In Asia
Translating From European To Asian Languages And Vice Versa – Overcoming Unique Challenges For Unique Chances

Translation is not easy. Even when source and target languages are related to each other, linguists need many years of training and experience to achieve professional standards (for example to translate from Portuguese to Spanish). As you can imagine, translations between languages that have only little in common, pose even more challenges. This article will explain some aspects that make translations between European and Asian languages, which are totally different from each other, extremely complicated, and demonstrate why only true experts can provide reliable translations for these language combinations.

Translating From European To Asian Languages And Vice Versa
Translation Services for Languages of the ASEAN Countries

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations consists of 10 countries, which are home to approximately 660 million people. The region is culturally and linguistically extremely diverse. While the linguistic diversity is truly fascinating to observers and visitors, it makes Southeast Asia a region in which communication can be challenging. Today we will introduce major languages of the ASEAN countries and see why there is such a strong demand for professional translations from and to Southeast Asian languages.

Translation Services for Languages of the ASEAN Countries
Conquer The Asian Dragon: How To Penetrate Asian Markets

Asia’s growth potential has been attracting significant investment from Western businesses. With a rising middle class, consumers in Asia are playing a critical role in the world economy. In particular, 17% of global consumption is from Chinese and Indian consumers alone. Western companies have been prioritising their operations in Asia to expand their presence in this region. Consumer goods giants like Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and L’Oreal have their own regional hubs in Asia along with satellite offices across the continent. Yet, the diverse and unique cultures and business environments bring critical challenges.

Conquer the Asian Dragon
How Localisation Service Companies Help You Expand Your Business Internationally

In everyday life, we often do not realize how many of the products that we use actually come from global companies. If you take a look around you or think about your daily routine, it might surprise you to see how much of the electronic goods, food, furniture, luxury articles, clothes etc. is produced by international enterprises. Thinking one step further and considering more abstract products/services, such as insurance policies, internet based services, transport/logistics, etc. provided by foreign companies that we need each and every day, most of us certainly will not even be able to imagine what our lives would look like if there were no global businesses.

In this article, we will look at some of the challenges in international business expansion that those companies typically encounter and show you how localisation service providers can help them.

How Localisation Service Companies Help You Expand Your Business Internationally
2020 And New Chances For Successful International Expansion

When companies expand globally, they reach out to new business opportunities in foreign markets. Enterprises might seek to increase their customer base, to overcome sales problems in their home countries, to enter promising cooperation opportunities with foreign companies, to make use of preferential investment conditions, etc. While the chances of such international expansion activities are obviously attractive, the process behind them is highly complex and overwhelming.

International Expansion in 2020