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Rethink Your Strategy: Copywriting And The New Normal

It is no doubt that the world is in one of the biggest crises in history. The marketing industry, with no exception, has been challenged on a massive scale. As a result of the worldwide lockdown, marketers need to rethink their marketing strategy and they can no longer rely on the physical presence of the brand. Retail and out-of-home marketing are completely replaced by online platforms with heavy reliance on content marketing and copywriting. This article discusses the importance of copywriting in “the new normal” and how you can leverage “the new normal” to deliver business advantages through copywriting.

Copywriting and the new normal
Concepts In Conflict: Differences Between Content Marketing And Copywriting

Since the birth of content marketing, copywriting has always been a companion. The connection between content marketing and copywriting is so strong that many people, including marketers, cannot distinguish between content marketing and copywriting. However, content marketing and copywriting are two different marketing strategies. This article helps you to identify the fundamental differences between copywriting and content marketing.

Differences Between Content Marketing and Copywriting_1
Crafting Contents – If A Great Copy Has Traits, What Are They?

Copywriting seems to be a daunting task because it seems like you never know when your piece of content is good. It is even more daunting when you are trying to localise your content to foreign audiences. So if an outstanding copy has traits, what are they? Let’s figure them out!

Crafting contents
The Fundamentals of Copywriting – A Beginner’s Guide

Copywriting, or the art of making great content, has been the survival skill for any marketer. But if you are a beginner, how can you learn this art form? Let’s us help you to navigate through the way to become a great copywriter.