App & Software Localisation

Introduction To Localising E-Learning Software

Professional e-learning software localisation is complex and not only the localisation service providers, but also the software developers need to understand clearly what software localisation is all about to guarantee that everything will run smoothly. Choosing a quality language service provider is certainly the make-or-break factor for successful e-learning software localisation. Let’s see why only true experts have all it needs to localise your e-learning programs!

Introduction To Localising E-Learning Software
Localising Multimedia-content Software – Complex, But Incredibly Profitable!

Creating software with multimedia content is a highly complex endeavour. That is why IT companies typically invest enormous amounts of money when they develop software as they need to pay their own software engineers, as well as designers, actors, camera teams, testers, etc., depending on the type of software. With those efforts, the result will ideally be a software product that is user-friendly, appealing and engaging. The software might include audio and audiovisual content, graphs, interactive functions, games, quizzes, etc. All of those elements can increase the overall user experience – but of course, they also mean higher development costs.

Multimedia-Content Software Localisation
Software Localisation for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide

“Think globally, act locally” is the mantra for software companies and software developers to introduce their software to a new market. However, software localisation is a complex process because technical aspects such as text length and contextualized differences must be taken into account besides linguistic and cultural context. This process may seem daunting as most developers are not familiar with translation and linguistics. However, learning about Localisation and planning ahead can ensure efficient and cost-effective Localisation. This article discusses the challenges of Localisation and the best practices to address those challenges.

Picture1 - Software Localisation for dummies A beginner’s guide