Website Localisation – One Step To Globalisation

In today's business world, companies all over the globe are accelerating their activities in foreign markets. In this scenario, businesses that understand the value of website localisation can appeal to markets far beyond their homeland borders. Different from translation, localisation comprises of a comprehensive study of the target market to correctly adapt the website to local needs. By speaking the local language with in-depth cultural understanding, businesses can develop a worldwide customer base and build relationships with increasingly diverse audiences.

By localisation, businesses can develop a worldwide customer base and build relationships with increasingly diverse audiences.
2020 And New Chances For Successful International Expansion

When companies expand globally, they reach out to new business opportunities in foreign markets. Enterprises might seek to increase their customer base, to overcome sales problems in their home countries, to enter promising cooperation opportunities with foreign companies, to make use of preferential investment conditions, etc. While the chances of such international expansion activities are obviously attractive, the process behind them is highly complex and overwhelming.

International Expansion in 2020
Clarifying General Misconceptions About Translation – Part II

In Clarifying General Misconceptions about Translation – Part I, we have already discussed some of the wrong ideas that most people have about translation. We feel that there is still a lot to say and want to help our readers get rid of misunderstandings about translation. The following content will certainly be relevant to you if you are planning to have any sort of texts translated.

Clarifying General Misconceptions About Translation – Part I

Translation is one of the oldest professions of humankind and has played a crucial role in shaping global co-existence for millennia. Certainly, our world would not be the same if translation did not exist and today, in our globalised lives, most of us encounter translations every single day. But even though translation has been so important for such a long time, there are several huge misunderstandings and general misconceptions surrounding it. If you are planning to translate any type of content or if your professional position includes duties such as international communication or regional marketing management, this blog will certainly help you understand essential aspects of translation and get rid of wrong assumptions.

Christmas Is Approaching, How Do Different Cultures Celebrate?

As the summer warmth disappears into memory, and autumn has seen the last leaves drop from trees, the drop in temperature signifies the arrival of another winter, and with it, a favourite holiday of people worldwide draws closer.

That holiday is of course, Christmas.

Christmas is universally recognised as a joyful occasion bringing people together regardless languages and borders. Let's go on a quick romp around the globe to see what Christmas means to different cultures.

Christmas is approaching
Frequently Asked Questions About Translation Tools

CAT tools have become absolutely indispensable in the translation industry. However, unless you are a translator, you will most probably not be familiar with the concept behind those CAT tools. That is why we want to explain what CAT tools and their benefits are and also clarify some common misunderstandings.

CAT tools
Brand Adaptation For A Global Audience: How To Reach Different Cultures And Languages?

Global marketing used to mean high street fashion names and a Starbucks in every city. To go global, multinational companies have established research teams in each region to study and analyse the needs of local customers in order to create accessible and high-quality products. However, global marketing is no longer reserved for companies with deep pockets. In fact, a new generation of global brands is emerging. A global presence is now possible for any business with a creative strategy and an understanding of global markets. Here are some steps you can take as you make the move from local to global, and reach different cultures and people around the world.

Brand adaption - How to reach different cultures and language
Software Localisation for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide

“Think globally, act locally” is the mantra for software companies and software developers to introduce their software to a new market. However, software localisation is a complex process because technical aspects such as text length and contextualized differences must be taken into account besides linguistic and cultural context. This process may seem daunting as most developers are not familiar with translation and linguistics. However, learning about Localisation and planning ahead can ensure efficient and cost-effective Localisation. This article discusses the challenges of Localisation and the best practices to address those challenges.

Picture1 - Software Localisation for dummies A beginner’s guide
Localising E-Learning Programs For Staff Training

To most multinational companies, e-learning resources in merely one language can rarely be sufficient. E-learning localisation services are the right solution for such enterprises to translate and adjust content to ensure clear communication with all employees, no matter where they are.

ocalising E-Learning Programs For Staff Training
The Biggest Translation Mistakes with Real Consequences

You can prepare several marketing messages for your target customers but all they will remember is the one mistake you make. This is because poor translation is most obvious when something goes wrong. Sending a badly crafted message can not only turn people away,  it can also lead to health, political and financial consequences.

The Biggest Translation Mistakes with Real Consequences
Translation Minefield In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Operating internationally, pharmaceutical companies are required to provide translated materials to countries across the globe. The bigger scale comes with higher risks. If the information in your regulatory submissions, patient information leaflets, or packaging labels is not translated with absolute accuracy, it can lead to irreversible consequences.

Pharmaceutical translation
Overcoming the Challenges of Financial Translation

Translated text must be precise and accurate, and this is even more so for financial translation. This is because even a minor mistake can lead to major problems. As such, financial translation requires much expertise and experience.

Financial Translation
Lost in Translation? Tips to Win Customer Loyalty in Hospitality Industry

In this digital age, tourists and travellers across the world want to experience hassle-free and enjoyable services. It is, therefore, crucial for players in the tourism and hospitality industry to develop strategic communications that can help them to penetrate new markets and expand their customer base. As the potential and loyal customer base of this industry are expanded across the world, market understanding and seamless communication is the foundation for a top-notch hospitality and tourism business.

Lost in Translation Tips to win customer loyalty in hospitality industry
Tips on Translating for Telecommunications and IT

The pace of innovation in the telecommunications and information technology (IT) industry has never been faster. This presents opportunities for your business to reach new audiences around the world by tailoring your software, application or system to suit local languages, cultures and needs.

If you do not translate and localise your content and messages, you may lose out on a significant amount of business. Besides technical translation, translation in the telecommunications and IT sectors can help you build up a connection with customers and allow your brand messages to be understood

Tips on Translating for Telecommunications and IT
Insurance Companies Need Translation Services. Here Are The Reasons Why.

Mobility is a keyword of the modern society. International travel becomes increasingly prominent. It can be in the form of business trips, vacations, study abroad, and immigration. In this context, insurance providers often operate across borders and insurance agencies are encouraged to target the global market. This requires insurance companies to offer internationally-targeted products and ensure their services are compatible with the policy, infrastructures, and business processes in different countries. They must also provide documentation tailored to the languages, cultural settings, and unique needs of local users and the “global nomads”. Consequently, it is crucial for them to set up a translation process in place. There are three critical reasons for the importance of translation services in the insurance industry.

Insurance Companies Need Translation Services. Here Are The Reasons Why.
How Translation Services in Singapore Help Businesses Unlock Unparalleled Opportunities

For decades, there has been a huge need for translation in Singapore. Clients from both Singapore and other countries approach Singaporean translation agencies with their translation and localisation requirements for business and private needs. In this blog entry, we will discuss some reasons behind that immensely high demand and discover how localization services in Singapore can help clients reach their aims and take advantage of new opportunities.

Translation Services in Singapore
5 Tips for Successful Legal Translation

Legal or policy translation is a specialised discipline that requires a strong grasp of language pairs, as well as an in-depth understanding of legal terminology. Poorly translated rules and regulations can hurt your company’s corporate branding and affect your market expansion plans. The mistranslation of these documents may cause legal or financial problems. To ensure translation success, here are 5 tips on how to manage your translations.

5 Tips for Successful Legal Translation
5 Tips on Preparing Marketing Content for Localisation

If you are reading this, you must have discovered the growth potential in localising your product or service for a new foreign market. To increase your customer reach, you must begin by creating content that is culturally appropriate for international markets.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid common pitfalls when preparing marketing content for localisation. Besides reducing translation costs, it also means quicker access to the market, accelerated revenue streams and improved translation quality.

5 Tips on Preparing Marketing Content for Localisation
How to Choose a Good Language Services Provider

As a business owner or marketer, it is essential that you choose the right language services provider. Like any partnership, your working relationship with your language services provider will deepen over time if you have found the right partner. An ill-considered choice will cause you to eventually succumb to all the pressures of translation such as strict deadlines and project requirements. If you are not sure how to choose a language services provider, here are some factors for you to consider

Good Language Services Provider - elionetwork language services
The Pros and Cons of AI vs. Human Translation

Technology is changing our world. One of the benefits of technological advancements is the use of machine translation or artificial intelligence for our translation projects. Take for example Google Pixel, which instantly translates speech; and Microsoft Bing Translator, which translates texts immediately to help us communicate with people around the world. While machine translation is readily available and heavily relied on today, human translators are still as vital as ever – here’s why.

The Pros and Cons of AI vs Human Translation