Contract Translation Guide

Contracts are a concept that has been known since ancient times and that people from all nations know, no matter where they live or which language they speak. Once contracts build links across linguistic barriers, contract translations are needed. Whether they are property rental contracts, employment contracts, purchase contracts, etc. – contract translation is one of the most important areas within legal translation. Today we will discuss some aspects of contract translation that will prove useful to anyone who needs to have a contract translated.

Contract Translation Guide
B2B Vs. B2C Legal Translations

It is fair to say that B2B and B2C “speak different languages”: B2C marketing texts, for example, often use very colourful imagery and appeal to emotions and feelings, while B2B marketing texts are much more focused on professional presentation of facts. Of course, the differences between B2B and B2C texts must also be reflected in good translation. As translations of legal texts are particularly important in business, today we will talk about some aspects of B2B vs. B2C legal translations, see to what extent they are different from each other and use a few examples to discuss what the differences mean for companies that need translation services.

Pros & Cons Of AI And Machine Learning In Medical & Life Science Translation

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies increasingly require accurate and timely multilingual content for the development of drugs or medical devices in order to respond to rapidly growing international patient needs. This is why many of them are looking for professional language services providers who can provide specialised medical translation services and life science translation services.

In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in medical and life sciences translation to help you make a more informed choice.

Pros & Cons Of AI And Machine Learning In Medical & Life Science Translation
4 Key Benefits of eLabels for pharmaceutical, medical and life sciences companies

Pharmaceutical, medical and life sciences companies are gradually embracing digital labels for their clinical products, and for good reason.

These digital labels, called e-Labels, are part of recent advances in label technology based on safety and efficiency advantages. Instead of converting to e-Labels immediately, companies are introducing e-Labels in conjunction with their usual paper labels, which typically only carry simplified content and symbols. This is why companies are increasingly looking for life sciences translation services and medical translation services to help them transit to e-Labels.

The benefits of e-Labels include:

4 Key Benefits of eLabels
How Linguistic Services Support The Medical Sector

Health is a global issue and providing quality medical care is a global challenge. This has been illustrated countless times, most recently during the Covid-19 pandemic. Clearly, global cooperation is essential in medicine – and this is where medical translation and interpretation come in: Medical translation and interpretation services enable global cooperation through clear communication, helping the medical sector respond to diseases and provide the best care for patients. In today’s blog we will look into medical translation and interpretation and see what these services are needed for.

How Linguistic Services Support The Medical Sector
Translation Services For Businesses During The Sars-Cov-2/Covid-19 Pandemic

SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with others, think, work – in short: our entire lives. These changes hit us most painfully on a personal level, as we worry about ourselves, our friends and loved ones. However, also businesses are obviously severely affected. Companies need to find ways through the crisis, so that they can secure their employees’ jobs and fulfil their social obligations. As SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 is a global problem, global cooperation is more important than ever – and naturally translation is a key in this process. Today we will discuss what the crisis means for the translation industry and which roles language service providers fulfil at the moment.

Translation Services For Businesses During Covid19 Pandemic
The Importance Of Cultural Aspects In Website Localisation

High-quality website localisation is key to success for every multinational company. We have discussed issues surrounding website translation and localisation in many blogs before (click here), and today we would like to talk specifically about cultural aspects. It is surprising to see that many companies still underestimate the importance of cultural differences in the website translation process – and hence lose business opportunities. See how you can do better by adopting best practices and considering cultural issues in website localisation!

The Importance Of Cultural Aspects In Website Localisation
Website Localisation Solutions For The Travel & Hospitality Industry

The travel business and the internet are interconnected with each other in countless ways. In fact, the internet has completely changed our travelling habits: We rely on online resources when we make destination choices, book transport and accommodation, pick sightseeing spots to visit, etc. It is obvious that businesses in the travel industry must use website translation and localisation services to attract customers with diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Today we will look at some typical website translation needs of the travel industry and discover how recent developments, changes and trends can be strategically considered for successful website localisation.

Website Localisation Solutions For The Travel & Hospitality Industry
Website Localisation for Asian Markets

In the past, many companies focused their operations in only two countries in Asia, namely China and Japan and had their websites translated into Chinese and Japanese. However, the situation is no longer the same. Following the economic development of other countries, for example Korea, companies have understood the need to have their websites translated into more Asian languages. At present, particularly the development of the ASEAN countries creates a need for website translation services into Malay, Lao, Vietnamese, Khmer, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian, etc., as foreign businesses want to consolidate their presence in the ASEAN region.

Website Localisation for Asian Markets
Tips For Successful Software Localisation

Localisation service providers help software developers expand their business globally. Software localisation makes software understandable and usable for customers in foreign markets so that they might be interested in purchasing it. However, software translation and localisation is difficult and in this blog we would like to provide a couple of tips that will help make the process easier. You will see that it is definitely a good idea to learn more about app and software localisation!

Tips For Successful Software Localisation
Software localisation services for mobile app developers

Successful mobile apps are the result of a complex, costly and long development process, in which IT engineers, designers and many other experts transform a great idea into a working application. Of course, any commercial app developer will always aim for a high MAU (monthly active users) score to make sure that the whole effort was profitable. But what if the home market of an app developer is saturated and only few new users download the app? To many successful app developers, the answer at that point is to go global and increase ROI by having their software professionally localised. In this blog, we will talk about some key aspects of the mobile app localisation process.

Software localisation services for mobile app developers
Introduction To Localising E-Learning Software

Professional e-learning software localisation is complex and not only the localisation service providers, but also the software developers need to understand clearly what software localisation is all about to guarantee that everything will run smoothly. Choosing a quality language service provider is certainly the make-or-break factor for successful e-learning software localisation. Let’s see why only true experts have all it needs to localise your e-learning programs!

Introduction To Localising E-Learning Software
Localising Multimedia-content Software – Complex, But Incredibly Profitable!

Creating software with multimedia content is a highly complex endeavour. That is why IT companies typically invest enormous amounts of money when they develop software as they need to pay their own software engineers, as well as designers, actors, camera teams, testers, etc., depending on the type of software. With those efforts, the result will ideally be a software product that is user-friendly, appealing and engaging. The software might include audio and audiovisual content, graphs, interactive functions, games, quizzes, etc. All of those elements can increase the overall user experience – but of course, they also mean higher development costs.

Multimedia-Content Software Localisation
How Localisation Service Companies Help You Expand Your Business Internationally

In everyday life, we often do not realize how many of the products that we use actually come from global companies. If you take a look around you or think about your daily routine, it might surprise you to see how much of the electronic goods, food, furniture, luxury articles, clothes etc. is produced by international enterprises. Thinking one step further and considering more abstract products/services, such as insurance policies, internet based services, transport/logistics, etc. provided by foreign companies that we need each and every day, most of us certainly will not even be able to imagine what our lives would look like if there were no global businesses.

In this article, we will look at some of the challenges in international business expansion that those companies typically encounter and show you how localisation service providers can help them.

How Localisation Service Companies Help You Expand Your Business Internationally
Website Localisation – One Step To Globalisation

In today's business world, companies all over the globe are accelerating their activities in foreign markets. In this scenario, businesses that understand the value of website localisation can appeal to markets far beyond their homeland borders. Different from translation, localisation comprises of a comprehensive study of the target market to correctly adapt the website to local needs. By speaking the local language with in-depth cultural understanding, businesses can develop a worldwide customer base and build relationships with increasingly diverse audiences.

By localisation, businesses can develop a worldwide customer base and build relationships with increasingly diverse audiences.
2020 And New Chances For Successful International Expansion

When companies expand globally, they reach out to new business opportunities in foreign markets. Enterprises might seek to increase their customer base, to overcome sales problems in their home countries, to enter promising cooperation opportunities with foreign companies, to make use of preferential investment conditions, etc. While the chances of such international expansion activities are obviously attractive, the process behind them is highly complex and overwhelming.

International Expansion in 2020
Clarifying General Misconceptions About Translation – Part II

In Clarifying General Misconceptions about Translation – Part I, we have already discussed some of the wrong ideas that most people have about translation. We feel that there is still a lot to say and want to help our readers get rid of misunderstandings about translation. The following content will certainly be relevant to you if you are planning to have any sort of texts translated.

Clarifying General Misconceptions About Translation – Part I

Translation is one of the oldest professions of humankind and has played a crucial role in shaping global co-existence for millennia. Certainly, our world would not be the same if translation did not exist and today, in our globalised lives, most of us encounter translations every single day. But even though translation has been so important for such a long time, there are several huge misunderstandings and general misconceptions surrounding it. If you are planning to translate any type of content or if your professional position includes duties such as international communication or regional marketing management, this blog will certainly help you understand essential aspects of translation and get rid of wrong assumptions.

Christmas Is Approaching, How Do Different Cultures Celebrate?

As the summer warmth disappears into memory, and autumn has seen the last leaves drop from trees, the drop in temperature signifies the arrival of another winter, and with it, a favourite holiday of people worldwide draws closer.

That holiday is of course, Christmas.

Christmas is universally recognised as a joyful occasion bringing people together regardless languages and borders. Let's go on a quick romp around the globe to see what Christmas means to different cultures.

Christmas is approaching
Frequently Asked Questions About Translation Tools

CAT tools have become absolutely indispensable in the translation industry. However, unless you are a translator, you will most probably not be familiar with the concept behind those CAT tools. That is why we want to explain what CAT tools and their benefits are and also clarify some common misunderstandings.

CAT tools