Usage Instruction Translation Services

Among the many different types of texts that are translated for the manufacturing sector, usage instructions are particularly prominent. This article will provide some insights into the basics, which will prove valuable to you if your business plans to translate owner’s manuals, digital user guides or any other usage instructions for your products.

Usage Instruction
The Diverse Translation Needs Of The Manufacturing Sector

It is hard to overstate how multifaceted the manufacturing sector is and how many different products it creates. As the sector itself is so incredibly diverse and connects stakeholders in each and every country of the world, it is not surprising that manufacturing businesses have an extremely broad and varied spectrum of translation needs. This article will briefly illustrate how localisation agencies help manufacturing enterprises operate globally and why agencies must have a highly comprehensive service portfolio to really accommodate the complex needs of the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing Translation
Over-The-Top Media Services Open A New Door For Content Localisation

Over-the-top (OTT media service), a streaming media service offered directly via the Internet, is the booming industry, especially during the pandemic. With the rise of the OTT industry, there is a huge demand for content localisation for the multimedia contents. This article will analyse the competition of the OTT and how to localise content effectively in this digital streaming age.

Over-The-Top Media Services
Subtitle Translation For Absolute Beginners

Subtitling is probably one of the keywords in today’s multimedia industry. Let's discover how subtitles are made and how you can provide impressive subtitle translation.

Subtitle Translation
Voiceover Or Subtitles? Which One Is For You

In multimedia localisation, choosing between voiceover and subtitles is choosing between cost and quality. Voice-over involves multiple steps from transcribing, translating, recruiting voice talent, to recording. Subtitling is more simple, it includes only transcribing, translating, and adding foreign language captions at the bottom of the video screen. However, subtitling is less engaging. So, which one should you choose? Let's us help you to discover.

Voiceover Or Subtitles?
Embracing 2021: Prepare Your Business With Best Practices Post-Pandemic

Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in more than a global health crisis, but it also adversely affected the economy. The lives of numerous people and businesses drastically changed as countries imposed quarantine and social distancing measures to mitigate the contagion's spread. As a result, many companies ceased operations, with so many losing their income, while others were forced to adapt to a new normal working environment. But thankfully, there’s always a silver lining!

Based on historical data, the human spirit always triumphs over a deadly virus. And this year proves that it is no different! Despite this bleak situation we are in, it gave birth to inspiring ideas and new norms. Industries and the workers have had to adapt and relearn new routines, not just to survive but to thrive in this complex environment. Those of you who want your businesses to flourish in 2021 must incorporate new approaches to optimize your resources and make your visions come alive. With new practices, you can improve your team’s operations and expect growth despite the harsh times. In our post-Covid19 era, it is essential to transform so that you won’t get left behind.

Prepare Your Business With Best Practices Post-Pandemic
How to provide high-quality yet time-efficient multimedia translation services

Multimedia translation is a time consuming and difficult process. Every project can be different depending on the types of deliverables and clients’ demands. Localisation agencies must satisfy such a wide range of requests, but it is more efficient if the clients can understand their demands better.

Multimedia translation
COVID-19 and Christmas: How to Safely Plan the Holidays

A lot of people lament that COVID-19 and Christmas don't mix. The holiday's full essence is giving gifts, gathering with family and friends, and getting warm hugs. However, with pandemic and social distancing measures, so many people fear that reunions and parties can lead to illness and even death. It is truly disheartening when normal activities become deadly because of a virus. The jolly, holly season seems to have lost its sparkle, and things will not be the same this year with the new normal protocols.

However, Christmas 2020 is not postponed just because of the coronavirus. The triumph of the human spirit shall always prevail, as even history has proven that generations have remained victorious even amid other contagions. Being alone during the holiday also has its risks. No man is an island, so your mental health will suffer if you stay completely isolated. Different cultures and languages must unite and remain optimistic amid this temporary adversity. Here are some ways you can safely plan for the holidays:

COVID-19 and Christmas
Multimedia translation 101: Step-by-step guidance

A multimedia is a communication form that comprises multiple content formats such as texts, video, audio, images, etc. For instance, podcasts and movies are two multimedia examples. In the 21st century, multimedia dominated our world from mainstream media (news, broadcasts, etc). Multimedia is amongst the most effective tools to reach and gain interests from audiences. However, producing multimedia is costly and therefore, you have to make sure that it can reach the highest number of audience. The solution for that is trying to translate your content to as many languages as possible to reach audiences from other countries. This article will guide you on how to translate your multimedia to other languages.

Multimedia translation
Technical insights into DTP for document translation

DTP often fulfils an essential role in document translation as we discussed in several previous articles (please click here for more details). Today we will provide insights into the routine of DTP artists and explain some technical aspects of common situations in which DTP services are required.

Technical insights into DTP for document translation
FAQ’s About DTP For Document Translations

Have you ever considered how many of the books, magazines, posters, product wrappings, advertisements, flyers, etc. that surround us, are actually the results of document translation services and DTP? DTP is often essential to correctly format translated texts in a professional, aesthetically appealing and error-free manner. Quality DTP clearly does not receive the recognition and appreciation that it deserves, which is reason enough for this blog to shine some light on the basics of DTP and reply to some frequently asked questions about it!

Translation And DTP Services For The Engineering sector

Day by day, businesses in the engineering sector produce a sheer incredible amount of new documents. As most engineering brands operate globally, it is clear that they require document translation services to localise their texts. While the meaning of quality translation in the localisation process is generally well known, the role of desktop publishing (DTP) is often underestimated. In this article, we will introduce and discuss several key aspects of translation and DTP services for businesses in industries such as construction, manufacturing, telecommunication and IT, and point out why desktop publishing can be indispensable to them.

Translation And DTP Services For The Engineering sector
Translation And DTP Services For Marketing Collateral

Businesses need quality translation services for their marketing collateral to succeed in foreign markets. However, there are cases in which document translation services alone are not enough, and desktop publishing (DTP) services will be required in addition to translation. Today we will look into some basics of marketing document translation and DTP, and explain why quality is key.

Translation And DTP Services For Marketing Collateral
DTP And Document Translation Services

Businesses that reach out to international and multilingual audiences with any type of written documents require professional translation and DTP (desktop publishing) services. Quality language and DTP agencies can help those businesses ensure that their documents are error-free, visually appealing and fulfil their purpose. This article provides a very short introduction to the basics of DTP, discusses how desktop publishing helps make the most of translated documents and explains why it is important to select a service provider that handles DTP and translation under one single roof.

DTP And Document Translation Services
Rethink Your Strategy: Copywriting And The New Normal

It is no doubt that the world is in one of the biggest crises in history. The marketing industry, with no exception, has been challenged on a massive scale. As a result of the worldwide lockdown, marketers need to rethink their marketing strategy and they can no longer rely on the physical presence of the brand. Retail and out-of-home marketing are completely replaced by online platforms with heavy reliance on content marketing and copywriting. This article discusses the importance of copywriting in “the new normal” and how you can leverage “the new normal” to deliver business advantages through copywriting.

Copywriting and the new normal
Asian Business Challenges: Multicultural Copywriting And Localisation

The 21st century is the century of Asia. More than 70 per cent of worldwide consumption comes from Asian countries and China is expected to become the new economic power. Every business now understands that to be successful, they need to conquer the Asian market. Even Hermes, a luxury fashion brand, has just launched the USD41,000 Helios Mahjong set to explicitly target Asian customers. However, Asia is an extremely dynamic market. Therefore, businesses need to equip themselves with multicultural copywriting and localisation to conquer this market.

Asian Business Challenges
Concepts In Conflict: Differences Between Content Marketing And Copywriting

Since the birth of content marketing, copywriting has always been a companion. The connection between content marketing and copywriting is so strong that many people, including marketers, cannot distinguish between content marketing and copywriting. However, content marketing and copywriting are two different marketing strategies. This article helps you to identify the fundamental differences between copywriting and content marketing.

Differences Between Content Marketing and Copywriting_1
Crafting Contents – If A Great Copy Has Traits, What Are They?

Copywriting seems to be a daunting task because it seems like you never know when your piece of content is good. It is even more daunting when you are trying to localise your content to foreign audiences. So if an outstanding copy has traits, what are they? Let’s figure them out!

Crafting contents
The Fundamentals of Copywriting – A Beginner’s Guide

Copywriting, or the art of making great content, has been the survival skill for any marketer. But if you are a beginner, how can you learn this art form? Let’s us help you to navigate through the way to become a great copywriter.

Doing Business In China – What To Expect

Despite recent global challenges, China is currently the largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity. With the growth rates averaging 6% over 30 years, China has been attracting investment from foreign companies. Yet, China is a distinctive environment with its unique political, economic, social, and technological factors. Business strategies that work in Western markets do not guarantee equal success in the Chinese market. This article summarises some of the challenges that companies need to consider when doing business in China and some tips to conquer this market.

Doing business in China